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Attraction Powder (Nam Man Montr Sanaeh Maha Hlong + Pong Ok Dtaek)

Attraction Powder (Nam Man Montr Sanaeh Maha Hlong + Pong Ok Dtaek)

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Attraction Powder (Nam Man Montr Sanaeh Maha Hlong + Pong Ok Dtaek)

This item has within it truly elusive and ancient Thai occout magick which provides a multitude of virtues including: the powerful charismatic presence, attraction of one special soul-mate or multiple companions and the power to influence your superiors, and others with irresistible personal magnetism and charm.

The Powerful Attraction Powder it can be used for anyone searching for that special someone – or by businessmen, employees and salesmen to gain the respect and confidence of prospects, supervisors, and clients , use for applying for employment in interviews, to make your speech convincing, and this charming magic potion was made strictly for love attraction and sex appeal.  You will success in making your lover love you more or attraction to attract lucky fortunes, and attracting customers to your place of business or market stall, etc, to improve business success.

Attraction Powder Nam Man Montr Sanaeh Maha Hlong + Pong Ok Dtaek

Made By Luang Por Phaew is a direct apprentice first hand Apprentice to the Great Luang Por Guay of Wat Kositaram, and one of the main Inheriting Wicha Holders of the Wicha of Luang Por Guay. He is one of the present Era's top Master Gaeji Ajarn Guru Monks.

100% Made Of Natural Herbs & Flowers from organic herbs, pure essential oils and magical ingredients. No filler; all natural!

Made from time honoured traditional natural ingredients long used for the magical purposes listed concentrated from sacred herbs powders and substances that have been meticulously collected for the purpose of generating a most powerful

Pong Ok Dtaek Heartbreaker Powders / The second element of this potion spell, is the 'Pong Ok Dtaek' Powder flask. These Heartbreaker Powders. The powders were made using the traditional ancient methods devised by Sorcerors of the Dtamra Saiyawaet, by using herbal and other magical ingredients to grind down into a magical powder, and then use the powder to make sticks of chalk with. The sticks of chalk are then used to inscribe spells and Yantra using Ancient Khom Magical Script, and the powder residue which falls away from the chalkboard after every inscription of spells and Yantra, is kept for use as 'Pong Lob'. A host of different Yantra spells were inscribed including of course the Wicha Yant Na Ok Dtaek heartbreaker spell which was then given 108 Incantations of the Wicha Na Ok Dtaek, before then mixing this Pong Ok Dtaek powder with Sacred Pong Ittijae powders, Pong Bpathamang Gamnerd powders and many rare sacred powdered magical herbs such as Wan Sau Hlong, Wan Dork Tong. Then some 'Pong Bpaen Phad Hnaa Nang Lakorn' was added. Pong Bpaeng Nang Hnaa Lakorn is the facepowder of a Theater Performer, which when empowered with the Incantations of an Adept Sorceror, becomes one of the most powerful powders for increasing likeability and popularity, and is a spell which has been used by Buddhist Folk of the Performing Arts professions for hundreds of years. The Pong Lob was then mixed with other sacred Muan Sarn Magical ingredients again such as Wan Dork Tong, Wan Sau Hlong, and other rare ingredients. Then the powder was mixed with 'Bpaeng' talcum, and used to sprinkle on an innocent baby who was only 7 days old, which is seen as a great Maha Sanaeh and Metta Magic which draws from the purity and innnocence of a newborn baby.Then the powders were taken, ad filled into small glass phials and given final empowerments in Buddha Abhiseka Blessing from Luang Por Phaew. It is said that the 'Boranajarn' Ancient Masters told that one single grain of Pong Ok Dtaek heartbreaker powders is enough to mix with clay for a thousand Buddha images, and will still be powerful mercy Charm. The powder can be used as a love potion by giving the desired person (such as your husband or wife) a tiny speck of the powder in their food (one tiny grain is enough).

'Nam Man Montr Sanaeh Maha Hlong' Metta Oil, whose magical formula has its base in the use of Kruea Thao Hlong Sacred Vine. It is said that only the most Adept Sorceror with the proper Wicha is able to enter into the forest and successfully cut the Thai Hlong Vine without any misfortune coming to him, for the Thao Hlong Vine is a magical Vine with a ruling Deva whose spirit dwells within it, and whose permission must be sought before taking any Vine for use in Magical Amulets and Potions. The oil carries its main force from the immersion of Sacred and Ultra Sorcerous rare Forest Vine; the Kruea Thao Hlong Vine. The Kruea Thao Hlong (some people also call it 'Kruea Saw Hlong', which means 'Lady fallen in Love', or 'Kruea Khao Hlong'), is only found in the deepest forests of South-East Asia, and has been known for centuries by Thai Ancient Folk for its Special Properties.
It is said that if one is wandering in the deep forest and comes across a thicket where the Kruea Thao Hlong is growing, that one can fall under its Magick Spell, and become Enchanted and Lost within a tiny area surrounding its presence. One can wander within a circle without being able to find oune's way out of the forest again, and remain entangled within its Spell of Enchantment, which is said to be because of the Spirits within its Astral Level of Existence

Nam Man Montr Sanaeh Maha Hlong (Metta oil) is turned into an occult charm through ritual empowerment, using sacred mantras in order to endow the potion with mystical properties of love and attraction. Due to the pleasant fragrance of the additional ingredients, this oil is the perfect perfume for people who want to be able to allure someone.

Powerful Magic Potion and Powder Potions
(Nam Man Montr Sanaeh Maha Hlong + Pong Ok Dtaek)

Magic Potion and Powder Potions as the suggest is used to enhance your beauty spiritually so that your lover will find you amazingly attractive and beautiful. As some times even if you are good looking but you may not have that charm or beauty to attract the person you want or love.

If you feel that you are not good looking or you are ugly or every one rejects you, then now is the chance to change yourself. This magic potion spell will not only make you beautiful but all those who have rejected you or have made fun of you will be sorry and will change their opinion immediately as soon as they will see you.

The moment you take possession " Attraction Powder (Nam Man Montr Sanaeh Maha Hlong + Pong Ok Dtaek) ",  then your personality and appearance will glow.

The Magic Potion spell will emit positive energies and vibrations on you so that where ever you may go you will attract others by your appearance and charm and will attract attention of everyone around you , as important, others will notice your unique charms as they are drawn closer to the irresistible new you.

How to use Metta Oils + Pong Ok Dtaek Heartbreaker Powders

please  must mix the charming oil in to the powder /First you Place a small amount of the powder in the palm or your hand and put in your drops of oilThen you can mixed your powder together , until the powder has no more chunks from the oil you put in Done.  And stir clockwise thinking about bringing love you or improve relationships and attracts compassion, love and caring

Hold your breath and read the spell Kata : >> Na metta  Mo garuna Put pranee Ya endoo Sappa pra sitti mang Pi yang ma ma (3 time) Blow the wind down in the palm of your hand.

Pray Your Wishes & Tap On Your Body Touch the oil on your face/neck/other part of your body for boosting your charm & attractiveness You can use the oil in various ways, not only with those you are dating but also for business and social purposes. Use the oil frequently, and the energies in the oil will settle in your aura and boost your personal magnetism. The oil is ideal for wearing when you go out with friends, or attend dinner events, meetings, parties, romantic dates, etc.

>>>The great power can turn the situation around, changing those who were Once Your Enemy, to become your Friends, and, in the case of the Opposite Sex (or Same sex) to fall in Love with You. "

>>> This is will induce a powerful Maha Saney effect that will seduce and enchant the listener to follow your instructions, believe in you, and help you when requesting assistance, and be filled with admiration for you.

>>> Accelerates Your Life Using The Purest Magical Subjects  For Attractiveness & Charm Aura.

>>> Great for convincing customers ,clients to take your offers, successfully seal important deals, attract unexpected Bonuses, promotions.

>>> This sacred object is suitable for business man, merchant, singer and performer or we can say that this is for every people in every occupation that should have

>>> Singles will find the special someone and attached couples will have more intimate relationship.

>>> To do business talks and seal more DEALS/CONTRACTS

>>> To Be Popular In Your Social Circle!!! Be Attractive and Charming for both opposite sex (UNISEX/LGBT)

Note: 🙏 The actual Amulet & Talisman Or Thai Product might be slightly different from the display image due to camera light and/or brightness of screen monitors. Likewise, The features mentioned above Still the same in all respects

💖 The result may different for each person. 💖 The amulet is a personal belief. Please use consideration 💖 If you have faith into something , you can felt invisible power inside what you believe. It is always be better true for amulets users

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