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Charm #amulet (#MaePer) has outstanding abilities to support the owner in terms of doing business, great popularity, and sexual arousement.

Charm #amulet (#MaePer) has outstanding abilities to support the owner in terms of doing business, great popularity, and sexual arousement.

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Most powerful Charm amulet for Attraction Mae Per Power Of Seduction  
(Mae Per Pendant ) has outstanding abilities to support the owner in terms of doing business, great popularity, and sexual arousement. 

แม่แหกรับทรัพย์ไม้ตะเคียน อุดดิน ๗ ป่าช้า เลี่ยมใส่น้ำมันอาถรรพ์ ฤาษีสมเดช (ครูบาเดช)
Mae per /Mae Haek received the treasure of a takhian tree, filled with soil from 7 cemeteries, framed with mystical oil.
Ruesi Somdet (Kruba Det), Ban Mai Rattanakosin Cemetery, Lampang Province
Year 2022, built 299 trees. Size: height 3.5 cm., width 2.5 cm.

The Mae per Carved from takhian wood In ancient times there was a curse. inner hysteria Filled with fortune herb powder mixed with cemetery soil. Every object has been cleansed with magic spells. Tell that there will be only you, no harm, framed with herbal oil for good fortune and great charm, mixed with mystical oil. Consecrated to invoke 4 elements, 32 symptoms, increase the air element. In order to support the mental state of being born.

Do you want to become a human magnet?
Are you here because you want to attract all the ladies or men in your circles or in places you chill?

Did you know that with a Attraction amulet you don’t have to be rich or be beautiful and handsome to attract someone? Make people feel curious about your life by casting this most powerful Yoni amulet in Thailand. You may or may not believe how effective this charm amulet is but I dare you to cast it just once you will see how fruitful it is in the real world. To cast this most powerful Attraction amulet in Thailand you will be able to become the most loved person in your area.

💖Mae Per symbolizes emotional attraction and sexual desire. Symbolizes wealth and luck. In the Khmer belief, it is held that the Mae per Deity is the greatest form of Metta with great power to win over your enemies to friends, attract customers, and admirers of both sexes. Specializing in people who work as hostesses, masseuses, use scents to make money, people who sell coffee, massage, hotels, and even people who like gambling or other business activities. often. 

The sacred Mae Per Pendant blessings of love, is also endowed with the supernatural power to improve one’s fate and fortune. ......serve as a means for enticement, making one’s appearance highly attractive in the eyes of those whom you wish to attract or seduce. Due to the powerful Charm amulet, this Thailand talisman is able to arouse sensual desire in the mind of the targeted person(s), paving the way for an exciting love life characterized by wild romance and passionate sex. Moreover, this mystical item can be used by both men and women, gay and straight people.

Carry or hang at your waist below the navel. It's effective to use as a great charm in the function of inviting guests and calling customers. Especially, night workers and service workers that need a charming appearance to get the support of customers. It is the truly powerful amulet of high class charm, great popularity, smooth negotiations, successful trade, rising fortune, and can also warn or inspire the owner from any dangers as well. Once a week, the owner should offer alcoholic beverages to them to increase their power to be stronger.


💖Legend has it that when Mae Per is brought to the person carrying it, it will have the following protective effects:

  Help them become attractive, charming, and even have a strong attraction that can fascinate the opposite sex. The spirit of Mae Per Prai follows and attracts the attention of men around the owner or the person you have in mind, secretly loves, or the husband, or lover who must remember and think, left My heart and mind are always with you.

The Mae Per charm helps the worshiper's speaking ability become charming and easily reach the hearts of others, helping their work through words become extraordinarily effective, including selling goods, easily signing contracts, and easily easily receive everyone's listening and support,

The amulet is very suitable for those who keep their husbands and boyfriends.

Seduction charms are suitable for women who work as masseurs, hostesses, receptionists in restaurants, hotels, karaoke bars, and marketers who want to make customers fall in love with them and receive lots of bonuses or tie them up and not let go.

Mae Per Prai has the ability to protect the worshiper's safety from danger. At the same time, it brings a lot of fortune through lottery numbers, helping to win in lottery and gambling.

Note: 🙏 The actual Amulet & Talisman Or Thai Product might be slightly different from the display image due to camera light and/or brightness of screen monitors. Likewise, The features mentioned above Still the same in all respects

💖 The result may different for each person. 💖 The amulet is a personal belief. Please use consideration 💖 If you have faith into something , you can felt invisible power inside what you believe. It is always be better true for amulets users

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