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Charm Amulet Magic Pendent Khun Phaen Phrai Sanae Behind Mae Per Dok Thong Powerful Talisman for fast luck love and Sex

Charm Amulet Magic Pendent Khun Phaen Phrai Sanae Behind Mae Per Dok Thong Powerful Talisman for fast luck love and Sex

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Charm Amulet Magic Pendent Khun Phaen Phrai Sanae Behind Mae Per Dok Thong Powerful Talisman for fast luck love and Sex (lucky outcomes with money wealth and love coming to you quickly and effectively)

Khun Phaen Phrai Sanae Behind Mae Per Dok Thong, Ajahn San Kongwet, Size 4.6*2.8 cm
ขุนแผนพรายเสน่ห์ ด้านหลังแม่เป๋อดอกทอง อาจารย์สรรค์ คงเวทย์ Size

Khun Phaen Phrai Sanae Behind Mae Per Dok Thong Charm Amulet Great charm and attracts people to come and love him. Open your fortune, support your fortune, make a living, attract wealth fortune, honor, praise, power and fortune, making a living from trading. prosperous Support your destiny, change your life, have good fortune, not depressed.

Khun Phaen Phrai Sanae Behind Mae Per Dok Thong Magically enchant your target for love or attraction purposes is perfect for increasing the passion and closeness in your relationship. This very powerful amulet pendant will lock your target person and cause them to become crazy over you. They will always be thinking of you and longing for your presence.

🙏 This is another simple and effective amulet to Love Luck and attraction This bless everyone whether you are seeking for marriage luck, happiness, love, family harmony, good friendship, minimize quarrelsome energy and those seeking for proposals. One advantage is that they are the guardian angels of love for everyone irrespective of sexuality. Not only are they good for male-female relationship, but they are also suitable for LGBTs. All in all, this beautiful amulet serves to increase your attractiveness and defeat competitors.

Khun Phaen Mahamon Phaya Ngang Pachada Created and consecrated according to ancient rituals. Concentrated with the substances of great charm, great kindness, great popularity, great passion, great richness, according to the book of Teacher Rishi Penitak mixed with Nang Ram Rai powder. Powder amulet to hold her Khun Phaen Chom Talat powder, Phaya Thekrua powder, Rak Son powder, Prai oil essence, Prai Burus powder, Phrai Phrai ashes powder, Phromchachan female sediment powder, 7 cemetery soil, 7 postures soil, Sema lichen from 7 temples, and many more, the master consecrated it alone to be outstanding in its great charm. Especially with Khmer and Lao subjects, especially the charming court subjects that few people know how good they are. It is considered to be the pinnacle of ancient magic techniques. that few people know and can learn The teacher has poured so much energy into this version of Khun Phaen that he couldn't conjure it. Make it good and stand out and become the best amulet with great charm and great passion. Anyone who hangs it will only have people who love it. Has great magic power. Meat mixed with Martian ash powder

🤴Khun Paen
Based on old legends, Khun Paen was handsome and very attractive to ladies. Although, he had many wives, but still many ladies fell in love with him. Khun Paen had magical knowledge. He used magic to make himself invulnerable and unseen to enemies, to change the marching track of the enemies to become labyrinthine field, and to change leaves of the tree to become wasps to sting enemies etc. Khun Paen is also a master in mantra or formulas with supernatural power. They are used for such purposes as stunning enemies, transforming his body into other forms, opening locks and chains, putting everyone else to sleep, and converting sheaves of grass into invulnerable spirit warriors. Khun Phaen also uses love formulas to captivate women, and to allay the wrath of the king. Khun Paen was also the first who created Guman Thong. He brought the dead baby from the womb of the dead Bua Klee, one of his wives, to the Temple outer area within the chanting hall where the Buddha image is placed. The Temple and its outer area are so sacred place that no mighty ghosts or spirits can enter. Based on the legend descriptions, Khun Paen was chanting some sacred mantras to invoke the spirit of Guman Thong while roasting the dead baby on the fire. Guman Thong defended him against enemy spirits, act as spies, got for him money and transported him at speed.

👩 Mae Per symbolizes emotional attraction and sexual desire. Symbolizes wealth and luck. In the Khmer belief, it is held that the Mae per Deity is the greatest form of Metta with great power to win over your enemies to friends, attract customers, and admirers of both sexes. Specializing in people who work as hostesses, masseuses, use scents to make money, people who sell coffee, massage, hotels, and even people who like gambling or other business activities. often.

The sacred Mae Per Pendant blessings of love, is also endowed with the supernatural power to improve one’s fate and fortune. ......serve as a means for enticement, making one’s appearance highly attractive in the eyes of those whom you wish to attract or seduce. Due to the powerful Charm amulet, this Thailand talisman is able to arouse sensual desire in the mind of the targeted person(s), paving the way for an exciting love life characterized by wild romance and passionate sex. Moreover, this mystical item can be used by both men and women, gay and straight people.

It has the power to be a good amulet in terms of charm, kindness, or carry it to flirt with a girl to make him love him, have mercy, love us, inspire people who have love problems. Take the amulet of the provoking mother to worship. Worship before going to bed, he will dream of seeing us think of us, but we want to come to us alone, good fortune, stock lottery, some people trade, do entertainment business. Calling customers very well Including the protection of Khun Sai, black magic, helping to protect protection. It's called good in every way.

This Amulet , Fetish, Talisman will bring you Luck, Good things will unexpectedly happen to you. It also make you success in anything you hope for. This Amulet will bring Prosperity and ensure success in life. Believed to protect against evil. Invulnerable, Repel evil. Rich windfall wealth benevolent wealthy. Trade flourished, Subtle charm, Attractive for the opposite sex.

It will make a fantastic gift for someone special or for a collector of Asian antiques. Keep it with you for Success Power or keep it in your house. Keep it with you for Evil Protection & Luck Builder Power or keep it in your house .This is a fabulous collector's items indeed.

🎯 To get maximum power from Thai amulet Magic talisman , There are no negatives to keeping this item and it is safe for all. you should Use them as much as you can. there are no rules or restriction on who carry it or where it's carried you can carry this item anywhere including the restroom and anyone can carry it man, woman, Gay Lesbian Homosexual or Child.

🙏 Moreover, Magic Thai Amulet can be used either by Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, This means that people from all faiths and religions can benefit from using this type of amulet. Please Bring along the Magic Thai Amulet when going out and about, The more one uses the amulet, the better the results. Use the Magic talisman frequently, and the energies in the Magic talisman will settle in your aura and boost your personal magnetism. It works by affecting willpower and happens naturally because of the sacred components contained within.

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