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Hun Payont Khmer Mantra Luang Por Mian Kanlayano Ban Cha Niang Temple Sangkhawanon nail material Filled with Prai Kuman powder silver takrud

Hun Payont Khmer Mantra Luang Por Mian Kanlayano Ban Cha Niang Temple Sangkhawanon nail material Filled with Prai Kuman powder silver takrud

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Hoon Payon Thai amulets (Hun Payont Khmer Mantra #Luang Por Mian Kanlayano)

Hun Payont Khmer Mantra Luang Por Mian Kanlayano, Ban Cha Niang Temple, Krasang District, Buriram Province "Sangkhawanon nail material" Filled with Prai Kuman powder, silver takrud

หุ่นพยนต์มนต์เขมร #หลวงพ่อเมียน กัลยาโณ วัดบ้านจะเนียง อ.กระสัง จ.บุรีรัมย์ “เนื้อตะปูสังฆวานร อุดผงพรายกุมาร ตะกรุดเงิน”

Belong to the most mysterious and strongest amulets of Thailand. Their production and consecrations are surrounded by many secrets, myths and legends. Due to its highly portable small size, this amulet is also very suitable for Ladies, and people who like to carry smaller amulets.

This amazing Hun Payont effigy protects the wearer from all dangers. In ancient times, the Hun Payont was used as an extra soldier to help fight battles with, and is a ghostly accomplice to stand by your side and help you win all of your struggles and challenges.

The Hun Payont Luang Por Mian Kanlayano effigies are for protection - Luang Por Mian Kanlayano empowered the red Hun Payont with mind waves to hypnotize the enemy into seeing you in an illusory manner, for exmaple, seeing you coming with many companions instead of alone, or seeing you looking larger or fiercer.

Empowered with mind waves to increse your sales power and business success. Easy attraction of customers, and will generate friendliness towards the wearer.

Hoon PaYon Thaiamulet is a powerful tool for create an impenetrable barrier against its powerful ability ,is great for driving away evil influences - to protect yourself from curses, evil, negativity, jinxes, evil spirits or the evil eye. HoonPaYon will encircle you with the breath of the protection , a wall of divine fiery protection to keep you and your loved ones safe

Hoon PaYon re-programmes your luck so that you can weather any turbulence or temporary downturn in luck; always free from obstacles, mishaps, disasters and misfortunes. It helps to clear blocked pathways paving you to a smoother and less aggravating year. Incredibly powerful, it prevents the terrible potential for reversal of financial luck. The amulet ensures you will always maintain a healthy cash flow. Especially favorable to those in business, the amulet promises survival through good and bad times (eg recession), It helps to transform misfortunes to opportunities and auspicious outcomes.

This means all your undertakings, family matters, projects, encounters, social life, financial portfolios can be overturned to an excellent status all year round. Nothing will be restrained and nothing will hold you back from advancing forward. Your resilience to all problematic situations will help you stay on course despite having to change direction.

It will make a fantastic gift for someone special or for a collector of Asian antiques. Keep it with you for Success Power or keep it in your house. Keep it with you for Evil Protection & Luck Builder Power or keep it in your house .This is a fabulous collector's items indeed.

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