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Khmer Necromantic Namman Prai Oil Mae Look Orn (Powerful Oil Potion with 59 Hoeng Prai Ghost Powders)

Khmer Necromantic Namman Prai Oil Mae Look Orn (Powerful Oil Potion with 59 Hoeng Prai Ghost Powders)

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Khmer Necromantic Namman Prai Oil Mae Look Orn (Powerful Oil Potion with 59 Hoeng Prai Ghost Powders)

The Love Potion  Necromantic Namman Prai Oil

High-level spiritual The Powerful oil Love spell is a must for anyone who seeks the return of a lost love or hopes to renew the spark in a current relationship and will bring love and happiness between lovers, and will prevent the breaking up of your love and your family relation.

This Namman prai Oil can help you in starting your new life with your lover,will bring your love back to you , it will destroy or remove the bad memories of your partners mind and your partner, will change his mind and will again love you as before,

You will be able to live a happy and successful married life, it can illuminate your path leading you and your loved ones to a safe, happy future.


Holy Materials : Necromantic Namman Prai Oil Mae Look Orn

Made By Ajarn Poo Boo

The potion was mainly made from Powerful oil. This ingredient was given to the magician by his ancestors who specialized in using magic.  the Khmer Rouge Wartime Era, from Thai-Khmer necromancer,extract of a Mother who died with her child in the womb.In addition,

there was also admixture of Thai herbs and 59 Hoeng Prai Ghost Powders Sacred Prai Powders, and Prai Oils, along with the piece of Ultra Rare and Powerful

The love of a mother for her own child is immensely powerful Mercy Charm, with the additional factor of powerful Psychic Powers coming from the mind of the mother and Kumarn, who are angry for their loss of life prematurely, and whose psychic energy is incredibly powerful. Their need to attain release is focused on helping the devotee of the Nam Man Prai to gain happiness and wealth through the merits and efforts of the Ghosts spirits who are trapped in Limbo due to their premature deaths, who have an agreement with Ajahn Pu Boo to fulfil the needs of Humans by attracting love and good fortune, to ease the sufferings and bring ever increasing success to the devotee.

Ajarn Poo Boo is extremely revered for his ability to empower Nam Man Prai Oils, which are famous in the eastern regions for possessing the power to attract and seduce people, and to increase success in speculative risk and gambling exploits. His animist charms and talismans are very renowned for their powerful magic and  fast acting effects.​

Ajarn Poo Boo has been practicing for many decades since an early age and has received multitudes of Wicha from his Kroo Ba Ajarn, from both the Khmer and Thai sides of the border. He does not seek fame or fortune, and practices in solitude, but his powerful potions and amulets have led him to become very highly revered and sought after by devotees of Prai Maha Sanaeh magic in the Eastern regions of Thailand, and with devotees on the Khmer side of the border too.In addition, many Devotees from China seek our Ajarn Pu Boo to beseech his blessings and amulets, ans he receives regular visits from devotees from around South East Asia. He remains as humble and simple as ever despite the recent increase of devotees from around the South East asian Continent and even further afield as Westerners also have begun to seek his dominion of Khmer necromancy, to bring fast effects and powerful results.


Magical effects Necromantic Namman Prai Oil Mae Look Orn

This is a powerful Magical Love Oil that is made from ingredients known to Prai oil to have the magical powers to enhance attractiveness to the opposite sex, gain social status, and improve existing relationships.

Unlike other magical love oils or love charms that require you to touch your hearts desire to gain his or her affection this oil works remotely. You can cast a magic love spell over the person you desire without ever coming into physical contact with them. But when you do, expect the sparks of romance to fly!

This high-level attraction oil is safe to use and can be used on any female you interact with, even if you only want to increase your charm. It is very simple to use and does not require any spells or rituals to conduct. Just recite a short mantra when applying the oil to your face, eyebrows or beard/chin.

This oil can be used when going out to parties, social events, conferences, dinner appointments or anywhere other place you will meet Him/Her. With the aid of this oil your aura will possess a high-level attraction power which is specified to attract Him/Her..

You can now approach your desired Him/Her. with confidence knowing you will already have the upper-hand. Your charm and magnetism will impress her and she will easily feel affection and sympathy for you.

How to use Necromantic Namman Prai Oil Mae Look Orn Tips;

If you wish to use this Namman Prai to call and subdue a lover, or used to purify a relationship, which is either to stop arguments between lovers or to strengthen a relationship then you should ,

1) write your lover name on a piece of paper and place inside or under the pillow your lover,

2) At night Before sleeping you should chant the Incantation to spell / Before chanting the Incantation ,Drop the liquor whisky on to the bottle to invoke its powerful energy ,

Chanting Kata : Ma Ni Ma Sa Ti Ya (3 Time) and blowing

3) Use a drop of this oil on to the pillow your lover ,Pray Your Wishes focus on the oil as in to the pillow, visualizing the person coming to you with love. etc,


Similarly, if one is looking to improve social and professional relationships with one’s employer or fellow workers,before leaving the house and heading to the office, you can carry with you to make you become more attractive for strengthen ones relationship and increase your sex appeal

Pray Your Wishes , You can carry The Namman Prai Oil with you wherever you go as the power of it will inspire other people to like and love you. It is not permitted to smear the oil on your lips. You can smear it on your body, or onto objects or clothes, that help increase one's physical attraction, charisma and sex appeal.

It is, however, also possible to anoint the nammanprai oil on another person's body, simply apply a little oil to your hands before you touch any intended target to influence. use for applying thinly on targets' skin If you are trying to attract a specific person, simply apply a little oil to intended target (best on neck area)

After that the oil will osmosis into that person's body and flow into the heart. Use the oil mixture constantly whenever you can.  for strengthen ones Relationship Or improve relationships and attracts compassion, love and caring ,That person will always think of you without reasons until happen to be the mental relationship.also supports your business, job, and negotiations


> Increase wealth and attract fortune / windfall for the owner of this amulet. Increase source of income, helps in sales and closing a business deal. Like how a snake catches its prey easily, its the same as how the wearer of this amulet can catch wealth and business/sales.

> Increase Metta and improve interpersonal relationship with others.

> Escape from dangers and prevent "backstabbing" or "politics"

> Helps the owner achieve happiness, smooth sailing and financian fullfillment in all walks of life

> Attracts compassion, love and caring from all sides

> Magically enchant your target for love or attraction purposes

> Influence people around you with ease

> Prevent your partner or spouse from cheating on you

> Negotiate with your business or personal associates easily

> Attract your soul mate easily

> Attract sales and customers into your shop/office or business premises

> Increase your personal magnetism and charismatic presence

> Strengthen ones Relationship or Marriage

> Casts a powerful “long distance” love spell over your target

> Requires no physical contact to work

> Causes your target to fall in love with you

> Can be used to make groups love and respect you

> Summons lost or wayward family members and loved back

> Commands the respect, affection, and adoration of others

> This sacred object is suitable for business man, merchant, singer and performer or we can say that this is for every people in every occupation that should have

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