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Khun Phaen Pachada, charming herbal powder Thai Amulets for good luck in your life Attract a lover,Attract money Attract business

Khun Phaen Pachada, charming herbal powder Thai Amulets for good luck in your life Attract a lover,Attract money Attract business

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Khun Paen Thai Amulets for good luck in your life Attract a lover,Attract money,Attract business,Make your lover come to you,Controlling and commanding,build rapport quickly and easily

ขุนแผนปะฉะดะ เนื้อผงว่านเสน่ห์เลี่ยมน้ำมันว่านไก่แดง ครูบาเต่า วัดทุ่งเศรษฐี

Khun Phaen Pachada, charming herbal powder, covered with Wan KaiDang herbal oil, Kruba Tao, Thung Setthi Temple. Size 3.9*2.5 cm

A mixture of magical aloe vera, Maha Niyom, Great Luck, Great Fortune, Dok Thong Aloe Vera, Elephant Charm Powder mixed with herds, Maha Laluai Powder, Metta Maha Niyom Powder. On the back is a cloth covering the entire corpse of a dead woman given to her by the deceased's relatives. A true parasite of the love tree. Has the qualities of charm, kindness, and is very strong. Embed 1 fortune takrud, 1 charm takrud, and enchantment pieces. Covered with red aloe vera oil. which is known in the north as having very good benevolent powers The image of King Phaen sitting and holding a golden child. Ready to tackle both the path of love, the path of charm, the path of making a living, paying homage to the teachers and praying and consecrating the path of great charm, great popularity, good fortune, and business, Father Khun Phaen is thus completely successful both in the world and in the spirit. Students can use it with peace of mind that it definitely has influence.

🤴Khun Paen
Based on old legends, Khun Paen was handsome and very attractive to ladies. Although, he had many wives, but still many ladies fell in love with him. Khun Paen had magical knowledge. He used magic to make himself invulnerable and unseen to enemies, to change the marching track of the enemies to become labyrinthine field, and to change leaves of the tree to become wasps to sting enemies etc. Khun Paen is also a master in mantra or formulas with supernatural power. They are used for such purposes as stunning enemies, transforming his body into other forms, opening locks and chains, putting everyone else to sleep, and converting sheaves of grass into invulnerable spirit warriors. Khun Phaen also uses love formulas to captivate women, and to allay the wrath of the king. Khun Paen was also the first who created Guman Thong. He brought the dead baby from the womb of the dead Bua Klee, one of his wives, to the Temple outer area within the chanting hall where the Buddha image is placed. The Temple and its outer area are so sacred place that no mighty ghosts or spirits can enter. Based on the legend descriptions, Khun Paen was chanting some sacred mantras to invoke the spirit of Guman Thong while roasting the dead baby on the fire. Guman Thong defended him against enemy spirits, act as spies, got for him money and transported him at speed.

This Amulet , Fetish, Talisman will bring you Luck, Good things will unexpectedly happen to you. It also make you success in anything you hope for. This Amulet will bring Prosperity and ensure success in life. Believed to protect against evil. Invulnerable, Repel evil. Rich windfall wealth benevolent wealthy. Trade flourished, Subtle charm, Attractive for the opposite sex.

It will make a fantastic gift for someone special or for a collector of Asian antiques. Keep it with you for Success Power or keep it in your house. Keep it with you for Evil Protection & Luck Builder Power or keep it in your house .This is a fabulous collector's items indeed.

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