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Love Potion Spiritual Oil ; Namman prai black magic

Love Potion Spiritual Oil ; Namman prai black magic

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Love Potion Spiritual Oil
This is the best oil to strengthen your current love or to attract someone closer to you, Inconspicuous Attraction oil featuring Concealed Love Spells to Fulfill the Yearning Desire for Intimacy and Passion

The Love Potion of Mind Controller ; Namman prai black magic

BOTTLE SIZE : 2.2 * 5.5 cm

Made by a magician named “Ajarn Ei.”

The oil contained within the bottle is made from rare and powerful magical ingredients, a special mix between old inherited beeswax of charm for making the love potion from a very powerful magician named “Arjarn Pleng Boonyuen.” Bone ashes of fifty nine dead bodies from his students and he uses those given ingredients to make the love potion of Mind Controller. In addition, there are other plenty more auspicious ingredients such as Gae Lae oil, Dawkthawng oil, Sa Nae Jan oil and love potion of dead bodies of people who died while pregnant. Some of the mentioned ingredients are also given by khmer witch doctor.

The most powerful ingredients in the oil has turned this into the ultimate magical attraction oil ,Using these ingredients will enable you to call back your love once again

Ajarn Ei, the magician, is empowered with enchantment magic, invited spirits to help cast an incantation over the love potion of Mind Controller. So, it is very haunted and holy.

Hence, this magical attraction namman prai oil should be anointed or rubbed on someone’s skin only when you are absolutely sure that s/he is the one for you and that you have what it takes to make him or her happy.


How to use Love Potion Spiritual Oil

You can raise your attraction powers and appear radiant and enchanting to the opposite sex. 

The oil is also usable for increasing good business or Bucha in the home, or smear on your person or wares, for Business Sales Increase, Convincing and Charming Speech in Commerce and Romance, and Lucky Fortunes abounding (Gambling Wins).

Love Potion Spiritual Oil Can Use for causes your target to fall in love with you, simply apply a little oil to your hands before you touch any intended target to influence. use for applying thinly on targets' skin If you are trying to attract a specific person, simply apply a little oil to intended target (best on neck area)

The oil will assist the user, by magically enchanting the targeted person. Your targeted person will fall under your spell and will constantly miss your presence. They will also be in need of your love and attention

The user will find the person is more receptive to their suggestions, more positive in their responses and will show greater affection and express an emotional bond to the user.


All you need to do is recite the short love spell mantra before touching your target person ,Another suggestion is to make merit, set birds, and fish free and that will make your wish quickly successful.

Kata....Before you use the namman prai, cast this spell to strengthen the power of the namman prai oil......

“ji je ru ni / jit tang / prai haa sip gao ton / ma ni ma ma / mae prai ma ma / ei hi ma ma / so ma rei sa” (3 times)

It would be better if you offer whiskey as an offering to the potion.

The Love Potion of Mind Controller ; Namman prai black magic Ajarn E 

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