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Phra Trimurti (The God of Love) Trimurti amulet cloth Great god bestows blessings Luang Pu Thongwan

Phra Trimurti (The God of Love) Trimurti amulet cloth Great god bestows blessings Luang Pu Thongwan

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Phra Trimurti (The God of Love) -The one who gives prosperity, happiness, fulfillment, bright love, whatever you desire. Successful in all respects Trimurti amulet cloth Great god bestows blessings Luang Pu Thongwan

ผ้ายันต์พระตรีมูรติ มหาเทพประทานพร หลวงปู่ทองวัน

Phra Trimurti Mahadev bestows blessings (Phra Dattatreya)
A collection of the three most revered gods, namely Shiva, Narayana and Brahma, in one body. Those who worship will be blessed with good fortune. and completeness, fulfillment, success as you wish for in those things

Size: Width 60 cm. Height 90 cm.

⚠️The cloth may be stained with stains, holy water, and flowers. from consecration or colors printed overlapping each other There is a code number ⚠️

This very Powerful Love Magic Charm talisman is an extremely effective love talisman that is so high on demand with my fans and followers. As long as you clearly need a long standing stable love relationship with your partner then this love talisman pendent is the perfect solution.

❤️Get powerful binding God of Love strengthen your love. If there is any obstacle preventing your relationship from being on fire? If you don’t feel contented? The time is now for you to apply binding love spells to help you and your lover get closer than before. With Heart of the Phra Trimurti , you will be able to see a change in your relationship.

This God of Love focuses the willpower and energy of your mental waves to attract and draw the person(s) of your heart's desire and dreams to you. The more intense your desire, the faster the results - provided you perform the ritual worship of the Heart of the Phra Trimurti  Pendant with sincere devotion and single-minded purpose.



Phra Trimurti : The sanskrit "Trimurti" means "three forms". In Hindu culture, the depiction of Trimurti shows three heads on one neck representing the "Hindu Trinity"—Brahma (the creator), Vishnu (the preserver) and Shiva (the destroyer).

About "God of Love"

In Thailand, Phra Trimurti (Thai: พระตรีมูรติ) is also regarded as God of Love, partly because the renowned Trimurti Shrine in Bangkok has become the Holy Land for people questing for love.
There is also a story about how Phra Trimurti obtains the title as God of Love: Once, the Hindu Trinity—Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva—heard and was curious about a beatiful and virginal fairy with high magic power and reputation. Three Gods transformed themselves into three handsome men, going to visit the fairy for testing her ability.
They were well treated by the beautiful fairy, but showed no willingness to leave after finishing the meal. The fairy asked why they still stayed; the three Lords, intending to play with the fairy, frivolously said, "What we want is your body."The fairy, instead of getting furious at their words for sexual implication, agreed their request without any hesitation. She said, "It's no problem that I give you my body, on condition that you should be transformed into new-born babies.
In fact, the fairy had figured out their real identity and true intentions. She immediately transformed this three handsome men into babies, and began breastfeeding.Three babies, after swallowing breast milk, developed a deep and pure love toward the fairy, without any hint of sexuality.The fairy did give her body to them, by breastfeeding. With great mother's love, she took them as her own children, holding them softly and sweetly.The fairy really hoped to raise babies to maturity, but consorts of the three Lords required the fairy return their husbands because the world needed the ruling of three Lords.
The fairy heartbreakingly changed three babies back to their original form. Three Lords then combined themselves into Trimurti and worshipped their mother. The fairy is a symbol of extremely pure love, hence comes the concept that Phra Trimurti, the combination of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, is also respected as God of Love.


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