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Thai Amulet Lucky Bracelet Look Om Phra Pikkanet (925 sterling silver)

Thai Amulet Lucky Bracelet Look Om Phra Pikkanet (925 sterling silver)

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Thai Amulet Lucky Bracelet Look Om Phra Pikkanet
lookom Ganesha Blessed By Kruba Tao Nuea Ngern /925 sterling silver

In Thailand, Ganesha is called Phra Phikanet or Phra Phikanesuan and is worshipped as the deity of fortune and success, and the remover of obstacles. He is associated with arts, education and trade. Thai Buddhists frequently pay respect to Ganesha and other Brahmin deities as a result of the overlapping Buddhist/Brahmin cosmology.

Phra Pikanet can help people in wisdom, wealth, relationship and more. Students are also recommended to wea Phra Pikanet as he is able to aid one in studies and knowledgeable pursuits.
Effect : It has superb power of protection, prosperity, harmony, avoiding negative influences or chi, black magic, winning over business competition and overcome obstacles.

Thai people believe that wearing a Ganesha amulet will bring them luck and successful Ganesha has become one of the commonest mnemonics for anything associated with Hinduism. This not only suggests the importance of Ganesha, but also shows how popular and pervasive this deity is in the minds of the masses.

The son of Shiva and Parvati, Ganesha has an elephantine countenance with a curved trunk and big ears, and a huge pot-bellied body of a human being. He is the Lord of success and destroyer of evils and obstacles. He is also worshipped as the god of education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth.

In Thailand, the Ganesha holds a special place in the daily ritual worship that is performed by the indigenous Hindu community. The deity is primarily associated with good fortune. Hence the owner of this traditional Thai amulet can beseech Ganesh for blessings before starting a job or beginning any other new and important tasks; indeed, throughout the Hindu world Ganesha is known as the god of new beginnings. It can also be used for praying to Ganesha in times of distress, for the thai believe that any obstacle can thereby be successfully removed.

Ganesha or Pra Pikanes is the Deity of Completion and Successfgul Accomplishment, and removes your Obstacles to enable and ensure your Success in your undertakings. Patron deity of various Professions, especially the Visual, Cultural and Dancing Arts. Artists and Performers all worship Pra Pikanes, as do those in the race for elevate status, such as Politicians and the like. In addition, Pra Pikanes is also a Master Ruesi (being the son of the highest Ruesi of all; Shiva). anmd therefore a Kroo of the Thai Ruesi Masters. His Head exists in the Pantheon of 'Siarn Kroo' (Kroo Ruesi deity masks) and is present in many Wai kroo ceremonies. He can thus be revered both as a Deva and as a Kroo Deity for the Magical Arts.

Kruba Tao (Luangphu Kasem  Kittiwanno) is a skilled guru master in Chiangmai province. Kurba Toa is a pundit monk whom and specialize in his Lanna Magic in occult sorcery and Khmer charm magic

Kruba Tao Wat Ubosot Ban Lao is a monk in Chiang Mai Province. He is the disciple of Kruba Tar as Kruba Tar is also a monk that is well-known for his Phayant and amulets. In fact, Kruba Tar had learnt Wicha and the art of making Phayant from one of the most well-known Northern guru monks (Kruba Wang). Nowadays, it is known that Kruba Tao learnt the art of consecrating efficacious phayant and wicha skills from his master Kruba Tao he could magically successfully mastered the art of consecrating amulets as he would bless his holy items in the Powerful Lanna (Northern Thai) magic. Kruba Tao He has created many amulets and most are gone very rapidly. There are also feedbacks of the wearer wearing his amulet experiencing boosting of luck.

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