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Thai Sak Yant Metal Sticker Magic Talisman Protective Power Charm and Wealth

Thai Sak Yant Metal Sticker Magic Talisman Protective Power Charm and Wealth

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สติ๊กเกอร์ยันต์โลหะ ติดหลังมือถือ ปลุกเสกโดย อ.คม พรหมพิทักษ์

Powerful Magic Talisman Sticker Metal talisman of fate Powerful amulets for Destiny turn bad luck to good luck ,Enhance your luck, wealth, charm, kindness, and fortune Attracts wealth Health Love and Happiness Eliminates danger Having Magic Talisman support Stay safe from all dangers Every Sticker Metal talisman has been consecrated by Acharn Khom Phromphitak.

Size 6.4*9.1 cm

🎯Method of Worship: Attach mobile phones and other devices depending on the worshiper's satisfaction.
Carry it with you wherever you go for good fortune.
****Recommended to stick to a smooth, hard material to make the sticker last longer, such as mobile phones, mobile phone cases, iPads, notebooks****
****Not recommended for use on soft and uneven skin such as cloth or leather**********

Additional advice on attaching metal talisman stickers If stuck on your mobile phone It is recommended to stick to your mobile phone. and put a clear case over it or if it's not convenient, you can stick it on the inside of the clear case.

💥Frequently asked questions
1. If you stick it on the back of your mobile phone and then put a solid-colored case over it so that people can't see it, will it affect Buddhist virtues or not?
Answer: Yes, Buddha's virtues are the same as before.
2. If you don't place your mobile phone in the right place. Put some on the floor. Will it cause things to deteriorate?
Answer: No, if it is caused by carelessness. or unintentionally Because every sacred object While the teacher was consecrating There is a consecration of deterioration.

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