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The best of the superpowers Tiger Oils (Nam Man Paya Suea) Thepphayak Oil By Luang Pu Im Panyawutho Thung Na Mai Powerful Magic Oil

The best of the superpowers Tiger Oils (Nam Man Paya Suea) Thepphayak Oil By Luang Pu Im Panyawutho Thung Na Mai Powerful Magic Oil

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The best of the superpowers Tiger Oils (Nam Man Paya Suea) Thepphayak Oil By Luang Pu Im Panyawutho Thung Na Mai Temple Nakhon Si Thammarat Powerful Magic Oil is perfect for dominating, controlling and Protection is great for driving away evil influences

สุดยอด เเห่งวิชามหาอำนาจบารมี #น้ำมันเทพพยัคฆ์ หลวงปู่อิ่ม ปัญญาวุโธ
วัดทุ่งนาใหม่ จ.นครศรีธรรมราช อายุ 104 ปี

Tiger Oils are very popular since ancient times to the present day,
Tiger oil This is a high-level spiritual empowerment by LP Thiang which combines many high-level invulnerability and inner strength powers, to Enhance Courage and Confidence in All Situations , which thus helps boosting one’s charisma and leadership.

The Mystical Powers is much more than just an ordinary magical Oil; it contains a powerful combination of enchantments along with a Tiger spirit which work together to ensure that all aspects of your life are improved, and all your dreams and desires are fulfilled.

The Tiger Oil also contains all natural spiritual energies, making it very simple to use. Gain popularity, respect and admiration from all those you come into contact with, as well as cause those who dislike you to fear you with this Tiger Empowerment. This special empowerment will instill within you the strong, magical presence of the tiger, giving you a commanding authority that garners you much respect and honor from your superiors, friends, people you meet and even your enemies.


This Powerful Tiger oil all purpose Oil that can be used for all your work. This Oil will give you succes in every thing  that you will be doing and will do wonders. - Access a wide range of magical powers and energies and achieve all that you desire when you tap into the mystic and ancient magical powers .For good luck, money, power, love, protection, success, influencing commanding others and conquering any situation for under your control
Because of this the Tiger Oil allows one to lead a successful business life to help his devotees in these times of economic crisis, to help increase professional success, bring advancements and status, protect from all Evil, improve business sales, and even invoke mercy charm to attract the favour of customers, obtain obedient helpful friends and admirers, to bring prosperity and advancement in life.


Highly Recommended for those who are in positions of command or administration, and those who need to exude power and influence, and for those who risk their lives in conflicts. Those who need to get noticed more, or need to get more respect from others are highly recommended for this kind of Oil.

In addition, hose who wear Tiger Sak Yant Tattoos are especially recommended to use this kind of oil, as well as Martial Artists and Muay Thai Warriors, and those in Positions of Command, and to use Kata Suea and Kata for Sak Yant to empower their own Command, and Achieve Victory in all Endeavours.

Virtues of this empowered Tiger Oils:

– Magic items that have power to protect you from evil and bring happiness and luck to your life.

– Demand respect from everyone you meet

– Protected from black magic attacks, santet, witchcraft, etc.

– Protected against disturbances from evil entities, bad spirits, etc.

– Your enemies within will not be able to hurt you or your business

– Will easily cause fear into the heart of those who dislike you or even try to oppose you.

– Wards off negative influences

– Protection of your business from any form of disturbances

– Brings your business a steady customer base, and ensures it makes regular profit

– Be the center of attention by magically enchanting everyone around you.

– Many more other virtues

This Tiger Oils is very simple to use. It does only require a simple mantra to be completed in order to harness the powers contained in the empowered oil. When you have activated the powers of this special empowerment, enemies will fear you and wont dare to approach you, and your threats or emotional anger will easily be felt by them, causing them to grow even more fearful.

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