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Best Effective amulet Strong Powerful-Phra Pid Ta Nure Pong Prai  Phra Pidta Amulets Helps to Protect and Bring Good Luck

Best Effective amulet Strong Powerful-Phra Pid Ta Nure Pong Prai  Phra Pidta Amulets Helps to Protect and Bring Good Luck

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Best Effective amulet Strong Powerful-Phra Pid Ta Nure Pong Prai  
This is a high-level spiritual empowerment which combines many high-level invulnerability and inner strength powers, whose essence has been passed down from Ancient Masters of Thailand ,

The Power of Phra Pid Ta Pong Prai Powder has been considered very reliable and effective. With God’s permission, with the power granted, you will always become more competitive than any other person who might have magickal powers to compete against you. You will easily overcome enemies as long as you are in the path of light.

This Phra Pid Ta Pong Prai is extremely powerful in terms of Protection as it contains the Prai powder that are tasked to serve as a Bodyguard for the wearer is one of the most popular and highly in demand amulets in Thailand among collectors now.

💖 Phra Pidta Amulets Helps to Protect and Bring Good Luck

This amulet designed to give luck in all matters of life as Amulet is best for granting wishes, he is also good for Good luck: Wearing a Phra Pidta amulet is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to its wearer. It is said to attract positive energies and enhance the wearer’s fortunes for Protection, Health and healing , attraction Improved relationships and Developing wisdom Phra Pidta amulet will help its owner overcome all traps and obstacles, leading to more luck and success in life.

What is Thai Phra Pidta Amulet?
The Thai Phra Pidta Amulet, also known as Closed Eye Buddha is a type of Buddhist talisman or charm that is popular in Thailand. It typically depicts an image of a seated Buddha with both hands covering his eyes or ears. The amulet is believed to offer protection and good luck to the wearer, and is often worn as a pendant or carried in a pocket. The Phra Pidta Amulet is also associated with the Buddhist concept of mindfulness and is believed to help the wearer achieve a state of inner peace and tranquility.
In fact, the real name of this Buddha is not “Phra Pidta”. In Thailand, “Pidta” means a covering of the face posture, so in the long run, people refer to these statues as Phra Pidta. The Phra Pidta Buddha is often seen with the image of using both hands to cover his face, but there are also many other forms such as having 4 or 6 hands to cover all the holes in the body: 2 eyes, 2 nostrils, 2 ears, mouth, anus, and umbilical.

So, if you’ve read this far, you might be wondering why the heck a Buddhist monk has to cover up all their senses, right?

The meaning of Phra Pidta amulet is to bring inner peace by not seeing negative things outside.
The Closed Eye Buddha amulet has symbolic meaning in Thai culture. It is believed that Phra Pidta covers all of the senses on the body so that the wearer cannot see or hear evil things, traps in life, or other negative influences that could lead to desire, hatred, or attachment on the spiritual path.
Phra Pidta blocks all of his senses and uses inner consciousness to gain deeper insight into everything, as normal human senses often lead to misunderstandings. In Thai culture, it is believed that the nine orifices on the human body are places where black magic and evil spirits can invade, so Phra Pidta covers all of these orifices to protect the wearer from harm.
Wearing a Phra Pidta Amulet is believed to bring balance to one’s inner emotions, peace, and prosperity in social communication, and good luck and wealth. However, some believe that Phra Pidta is a lucky charm used by many illegal activities’ businessmen and is not an item of Buddhism.
Others believe that Phra Pidta is an expression of a venerable monk from over 2,500 years ago during the time of the Buddha, and it would not support the wrongdoings of the wearer. Instead, it helps them overcome obstacles and encounter good luck while discouraging them from engaging in sinful activities.
Frankly, LotusBuddhas believe that covering up all ownself senses is not the best way to get rid of defilements. And this is not the way of Buddhist practice. Buddhism teaches us to face adversity and overcome it, not avoid it. As Thich Nhat Hanh shared: “Running away from suffering is like finding a lotus flower where there is no mud.”
Therefore, as a practitioner of Buddhism, you must train your mind to be at peace in the face of all difficulties in life.

💖 The Legend of Phra Pidta
Phra Pidta was a monk who lived at the same time as Shakyamuni Buddha more than 2500 years ago.
Phra Pidta is an important figure in Thai Buddhist culture and has a long and fascinating history. According to legend, Phra Pidta was a revered monk who lived during the time of the Buddha over 2,500 years ago.
The story goes that Phra Pidta was known for his extraordinary powers of concentration and meditation. He was so focused on his spiritual practice that he would often forget to eat and drink, and his fellow monks had to remind him to take care of his physical needs.
One day, while Phra Pidta was in deep meditation, a group of bandits raided the monastery and attacked the other monks. But Phra Pidta was so absorbed in his meditation that he did not even notice the commotion.

When the bandits reached Phra Pidta, they tried to kill him, but their weapons bounced off his skin as if he were wearing armor. The bandits were terrified and fled the monastery, leaving the other monks unharmed.
From that day on, Phra Pidta was revered as a holy figure who had achieved the ultimate state of spiritual enlightenment. His image was often depicted with his hands covering his eyes, ears, and mouth, symbolizing his ability to block out all distractions and temptations.
In another legend, Phra Pidta had accumulated a lot of merit in many past lives when he was still a normal human being. In one of his past lives, he practiced Buddhism with other monks at the temple where he lived.
One evening, a flood swept away the temple and the monks were almost drowned. The Buddha then sent Phra Pidta to stop the flowing water and save the monks. Since then, the monks began to appreciate him. In another life, he was a devout Buddhist who regularly worshipped the Buddha and famous monks with fresh flowers and clean water.
In another past life, he was said to be the son of a family that raised livestock. In the morning, he often saw a wandering monk meditating near his family’s fields. He understood the difficulty of the monk’s meditation under the hot sun. Therefore, he built a simple storage room so that the monks could rest under the scorching sun and during rainy days.
In another story, Phra Pidta was described as a person with a beautiful appearance, so many people worshipped and loved him. Some of them even mistook him for the Buddha. Later, this became a barrier to his practice.
There were rumors that he had an illicit relationship with women who came to worship him. Therefore, to avoid rumors spreading, he used his supernatural power to change his body to become ugly, short, and fat.

However, these things could not change people’s judgment of him, and malicious words still spread. Therefore, he closed his eyes for a long time, ignoring people’s negative words and attitudes, focusing all his attention on his practice. Since then, the image of Phra Pidta has been formed as what we see today.
Today, Phra Pidta amulets are believed to offer protection and bring good luck to those who wear them. They are often given as gifts to loved ones and are considered a powerful symbol of the Thai Buddhist faith.

💖 Benefits of Phra Pidta Amulet
People often wear a Phra Pidta amulet necklace to pray for protection and good luck.
Phra Pidta amulets are believed to offer a range of benefits to those who wear them. Here are some of the benefits associated with Phra Pidta amulets:
• Protection: The amulet is believed to offer protection from harm, accidents, and negative energies. It is believed to act as a shield against physical and spiritual dangers.
• Good luck: Wearing a Phra Pidta amulet is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to its wearer. It is said to attract positive energies and enhance the wearer’s fortunes.
• Spiritual enlightenment: The image of Phra Pidta with his hands covering his eyes, ears, and mouth is believed to symbolize his ability to block out all distractions and temptations. Wearing the amulet is said to help the wearer focus on their spiritual practice and achieve a higher state of enlightenment.
• Improved relationships: Phra Pidta is said to represent compassion, kindness, and goodwill. Wearing the amulet is believed to help improve relationships with others and promote harmony and understanding.
• Health and healing: Phra Pidta is believed to have supernatural powers that can promote physical and emotional healing. Wearing the amulet is said to help alleviate pain and promote overall wellness.
• Developing wisdom: Phra Pidta also helps investors have a wiser perspective in their business plans, with a strategic vision from spiritual wisdom than the ordinary senses of human beings.

We cannot find the Phra Pidta art form in any Buddhist country in the world. Buddhist monks mainly created this art form from Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and the northern states of Malaysia. Closed Eye Buddha amulet is a sculptural art piece that is related to the ancient Buddhist tradition in Thailand and is only appreciated by those who understand the significance and importance it brings to its owner.
In general, the Phra Pidta amulet will help its owner overcome all traps and obstacles, leading to more luck and success in life. While their effectiveness cannot be scientifically proven, many people continue to wear these amulets as a symbol of faith and hope.

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