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Borom Khru Kai Kaew, Ajahn Nankong, Mon Lanna, Samnak Pu Ya Chai Yalangka, Chiang Mai Province.

Borom Khru Kai Kaew, Ajahn Nankong, Mon Lanna, Samnak Pu Ya Chai Yalangka, Chiang Mai Province.

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Borom Khru Kai Kaew, Ajahn Nankong, Mon Lanna, Samnak Pu Ya Chai Yalangka, Chiang Mai Province.

บรมครูกายแก้ว พิมพ์ใหญ่ อาจารย์หนานคง มนต์ล้านนา สำหนักปู่ใหญาจั๋ยยะลังกา จ.เชียงใหม่

Borom Khru Kai Kaew Mysticism Boromkru The mysterious great master of ancient occultism believed that Kru Kai Kaew was a hermit. Magic Pendant to make of riches and wealth good luck & love attraction Great for improving businesses increasing sales and attracting more customers (Gambling luck e.g. 4D/TOTO/INVESTMENTS) 

who practice diligently until attaining the highest level of magic, it is believed that Teacher Kai Kaew bestows blessings on success Whether it's in terms of luck, fortune, adults supporting you, finances, work success, or In terms of having good fortune, it is also believed that he gives outstanding miracles in the area of kindness.Borom Khru Kai Kaew Samnak Pu Yai Chai Yalangka Made from slate Mystical substances according to ancient texts Perform the sacrifice ceremony correctly According to the ancient Lanna recipe Make a mental prayer during auspicious times The power of supernatural power

👹 History of Khru Kai Kaew Boromma Khru Kai KaewGod who bestows success, wealth, or else they have something to eat and use all the time without needing. You are good at inspiring things that are impossible. to succeed like a miracle (Everything is a personal belief) that is important to the world and the Dharma must go hand in hand

Khru Kai Kaew was born in the era. of Jayavarman VII and if studied from history, it will be known that that era of Jayavarman VII was the most prosperous and strongest era. of the Khmer kingdom Since he had a stub as high as a god, his soul would not die from his mind. Makes there have to be a successor to take care of from one person to another and develop according to that era

according to the history It is believed that it is the soul of a person who is very striving and has the penny was strong and brave until he reached the divine level. It is like a sect, a sect that is closer to humans than many gods. thus, understanding the needs of human beings as much as possible

🤑🤑 Magic Talisman re-programmes your luck so that you can weather any turbulence or temporary downturn in luck; always free from obstacles, mishaps, disasters and misfortunes. It helps to clear blocked pathways paving you to a smoother and less aggravating year. Incredibly powerful, it prevents the terrible potential for reversal of financial luck. The amulet ensures you will always maintain a healthy cash flow. Especially favorable to those in business, the amulet promises survival through good and bad times (eg recession), It helps to transform misfortunes to opportunities and auspicious outcomes.

This means all your undertakings, family matters, projects, encounters, social life, financial portfolios can be overturned to an excellent status all year round. Nothing will be restrained and nothing will hold you back from advancing forward. Your resilience to all problematic situations will help you stay on course despite having to change direction.

It will make a fantastic gift for someone special or for a collector of Asian antiques. Keep it with you for Success Power or keep it in your house. Keep it with you for Evil Protection & Luck Builder Power or keep it in your house .This is a fabulous collector's items indeed.

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