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Buddhist Rosary + Phra Khan or Mitmor spiritual knife Prakam Handmade vintage Lek Nam Pi prayer beads, mala beads, rosary sacred 108 beads,

Buddhist Rosary + Phra Khan or Mitmor spiritual knife Prakam Handmade vintage Lek Nam Pi prayer beads, mala beads, rosary sacred 108 beads,

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Buddhist Rosary + Phra Khan or Mitmor spiritual knife Prakam Handmade vintage Lek Nam Pi prayer beads, mala beads, rosary sacred 108 beads, chaplet, meditation pray, buddhist amulet necklace for Prayer, Meditation Mantra Chanting

Prakham Lek Nam Phi + Phra Khan Lek Nam Phi Luang Pu Ong, Wat Singhan 2015
ประคำเหล็กน้ำพี้+พระขรรค์เหล็กน้ำพี้ หลวงปู่อ่อง วัดสิงหาญ 2558

Buddhist Rosary, with only 108 rosaries made from pure Rae Lek Nam Pi Powders mixed with Rae Perm Palang Gaay, Buddhist Rosary of fine quality made from 108 individual beads of baked Lek Nam Pi (Leklai Extract) Kaya Siddhi Adamantine Substance from a Holy Cave.

💖 Phra Khan or Mitmor spiritual knife Effect: Help in Business or career, Bodyguard-High Protection from evil - black magic, Protect your Person and Household from Enemies, Robbers and Black Magic, Improve Business and Popularity, High Sales Quota, Evade Danger, reflect Black Magic Attacks, Attract important people of higher power, Bring great auspicious, Look after the house, shop or car .

The Mitmor is a spiritual knife that is infused with the 5 weapons of Lord Indra (Lord of the devas), Phra Taowessuan (king of yakshas), Phra Yom (Lord of death), Alavaka (rakshas) and Phra Narai (Lord Vishnu). Mitmor is a very powerful tool to ward away evil spirits and its widely used in Thailand by masters to conduct exorcism or blessings. Mitmor also bestow the owner with supernatural protective qualities like invulnerability against sharp weapons and ability to avoid dangers, even be invisible from enemies. Mitmor should always be treated with respect as it is believed that there is always a deva (divine being) that resides in the blade to protect and look after its owner. Can even provide spiritual guidance. As for the Hoon Phayong that is attached to this Mitmor, its sole purpose is to serve as a bodyguard for the owner, protecting the owner and even the property. This Mitmor can make holy water to be sprinkled around the house or a person that is being affected by spiritual beings simply by taking clean water and using the Mitmor to stir the water while reciting a Katha. That water can also be consumed by those who are having sickness for fast recovery. Much more can be said.  

Buddhist Rosary


look Prakam Rosary For Counting rounds of Kata Chanting sessions, and performing Mantras and Buddhist Prayers. A Powerful Meditation Tool for both Votive and Magical/Shamanistic Uses. for counting Mantra, Meditation, and wear for Buddhanissati, and Focused Practice, as well as to induce improvements to horoscope, and increase mercy charm.

108 Beads are used to complete the Rosary, as Buddhist Tradition requires. The number 108 represents many different symbolic meanings in Buddhism, including the 108 Termas or Kampira of Buddha-Dhamma. The 108 Termas are supposed relics and texts which Guru Padmasambhava is said to have taken to and hidden in Tibet and other places around South-East-Asia, to protect and preserve the Buddhist Faith, and the Buddha Dhamma itself.

It is usual to empower or pray with mantras using 108 repetitions as the powerful method of attaining merits.

💥Prakam Rosary is protective and prosperity improving amulet, worthy of Bucha, but is also a ritual or ceremonial instrument for use in Buddhist or Occult Chanting of Prayers and Incantations, as well as for meditative focus practices using repetition or counting methods. Some specific Occult Rituals require chanting an Incantation for a specific number of times, and forbids wrong counting, and so a rosary such as this is very useful in maintaining ones count and focus when performing the stricter formulas of ritual incantations.

Prakam (Rosary) for wearing as a necklace, and for praying with as a counting tool to recite rounds of up to 108 prayers or incantations. Rosary (natural occult sorcery holy wood) to give you protection, ward away dangers and bad spirits. Its the best necklace to keep beside you when you go to some strange places. Easy to wear and best gift for your love one.

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