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Charm Amulet Magic Pendent Khun Phaen Trueng Nang behind the Ma Sep Nang Powerful Talisman for fast luck love and Attraction

Charm Amulet Magic Pendent Khun Phaen Trueng Nang behind the Ma Sep Nang Powerful Talisman for fast luck love and Attraction

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Charm Amulet Magic Pendent Khun Phaen Trueng Nang behind the Ma Sep Nang Powerful Talisman for fast luck love and Attraction (lucky outcomes with money wealth and love coming to you quickly and effectively)

ขุนแผนตรึงนาง หลวงปู่ศวัส วัดเกษตรสุข

🙏 This is another simple and effective amulet to Love Luck and attraction This bless everyone whether you are seeking for marriage luck, happiness, love, family harmony, good friendship, minimize quarrelsome energy and those seeking for proposals. One advantage is that they are the guardian angels of love for everyone irrespective of sexuality. Not only are they good for male-female relationship, but they are also suitable for LGBTs. All in all, this beautiful amulet serves to increase your attractiveness and defeat competitors.

Khun Phaen Trueng Nang behind the Ma Sep Nang (Inma), the best Khun Phaen created that is most accurate according to the textbook. Five years of waiting again for the two great master teachers of charm, Luang Pu Sawat Sirimongkhalo (Father Pu Rishi) of Kasetsuk Temple, Luang Pu Kruba Kaew Kammasuttho of Wat Rong Du, join forces together. The best techniques of Father Pu Rishi, a high-ranking teacher, combined with ancient Lanna magic, created Khun Phaen Trung Nang. The most charming amulet that is packed with the power of kindness and intense charm. Students of the temple challenge all those who capture the power of the Buddha's virtues and those who are fond of mystical powers with strong powers and quick results. Join the test if the power is not captured or is not effective or when worshiped it is not effective. Throw it in the water and don't use it as an offering. Once again, Luang Pu Sawat Father Pu Rishi organized the construction of Phra Khun Phaen after five years ago, the first version of Phra Khun Phaen Nang Ram Rai. Has created a name for Luang Pu, who is a sensation, endlessly recounting his experiences of great charm, as the name suggests. The ultimate wish of young and old disciples to possess. Someone came and offered to worship the statue at the temple, priced in the tens of thousands, but there was no item. The first time the statue was released for worship, it was only 300 baht per statue. The people who keep quiet are the new and expensive Phra Khun Phaen models. Luang Pu Sawat therefore created Phra Khun Phaen again and named it Khun Phaen Trung Nang. Used to worship and fascinate the mind of the opposite sex to think of love and kindness. Luang Pu Sawat said that this version of Khun Phaen has Buddhist powers as strong as the first version. It is the most magical Khun Phaen amulet that Father intended to create and consecrate. Luang Pu Sawat removed the most charming powder according to Teacher Pu Rishi's textbook as follows: Nang Ram Rai Powder, Nang Nang Talisman Powder. Khun Phaen Chom Talat powder Phra Lakshman Na Thong powder, Twin Prai powder, Phaya Thekrua powder, Rak Son powder, Nam Prai Phitsawat, Sao Long herb, Lady lead herb, Khao Long herb, Golden flower herb, Luk Sawat powder, and it is said that all these erased powders are incomparable and priceless. At this time, Father Kla confirmed that he would be second to none. Just the powder was too strong to endure and Luang Pu Kruba Kaew removed the talisman powder as a special case. He had never removed the powder from anyone before. Phaya In Kaew powder (In Khon), Ma Sep Nang talisman powder (In Ma), elephant talisman powder mixed with herds (In Chang), the best ancient Lanna talisman book. Powder of seven little girls (meaning young girls gathered around for seven days, another very famous subject of Luang Pu) Powder of Nang Liao, Luang Pu made special for this ceremony. By setting his mind to write a talisman on the blackboard in the hut, saying that the powder that Luang Pu removes must be as strong as Venerable Sawat or his name will be ruined. He wrote and spoke and smiled. Take the powder and make an amulet. Don't let it drop. It's difficult to do.

People who accidentally cross will be in trouble and will be lost and forgetful. If it weren't for Mr. Sawat, Luang Pu would not write. Writing is difficult to erase for a long time. So that one can make a good, strong powder like this. Anyone who wants something with strong charm, Khun Phaen, Mr. Sawat. It truly has a deep and strong charm. Worshiping Khun Phaen Than Sawat is like worshiping Khun Phaen Luang Pu. As soon as the consecration is complete, you must bring one with you. When all the powder was obtained, it was pounded and mixed together in a mortar in front of the statue of Pu Rishi Ongkhru. By Phra Achan Ray The main disciple of Luang Pu Sawat, who was a powder pounder, witnessed a miraculous event when the powder from both masters caused smoke to rise up. So they performed a ceremony to ask for forgiveness. The smoke then disappeared. Once the material was obtained, a print was made of Phra Khun Phaen Trung Nang. It is built in a round shape according to popular trends. In front is a picture of Khun Phaen sitting cross-legged. with Kuman Thong Prai Twin Kaew Kwan Sitting side by side left and right Modeled from the real one In front of the statue of Father Pu Rishi, the teacher has very powerful powers, increasing the power of good fortune, sound of luck, sound of fortune. It is a ghost that whispers good fortune and warns against danger to those who worship it. It is a reincarnated child of the gods, easy to raise, no need to pay homage, safe. Below is a silver takrud, the heart of the woman is rumored to be crying. The back contains a talisman in the shape of a horse and nang (Inma) of Luang Pu Kruba Kaew. The ultimate ancient charming technique of Lanna. Surrounded by the Lanna talisman of Khun Phaen's heart. (Sunamolo) The charm of kindness is very strong and wonderful. Contained with a magical metal plate stamped with a code to prevent counterfeiting, it contains 7 types of magical objects as follows: Iron impaled on a ghost, nails driven into a coffin lid, nails of a monk, iron yodthat, ghost mouth money, broken sword, broken alms bowl By taking all the magical objects and combining them with elements. The pump is a small round button-shaped disc.

Soak it in holy water to wash away evil spirits. conjured up elements To create magic, enhance energy to create magical influences, but only one side. When it is completed Luang Pu Sawat therefore performed a consecration ceremony according to ancient texts by traveling to inform and summon the spirit of Khun Phaen. At Khun Phaen Shrine, Suphanburi Province Then perform a consecration ceremony At Kasetsuk Temple Luang Pu Kruba Kaew Consecrated magical arts according to ancient Lanna texts. Luang Pu Sawat consecrated magical arts according to Father Pu Rishi's texts. 5 monks chanted Buddhist mantras. They combined their power and transferred it to the ultimate Khun Phaen, imbuing her with miraculous powers. The gods came to bless him and it rained outside the ceremony, very miraculous. At the end of the ceremony, Luang Pu Kruba Kaew took a Khun Phaen and distributed it to each of Luang Pu's students. Ong said and considered Khun Phaen with admiration that Please keep this Khun Phaen for good. It is difficult to find someone who can do such magical things in the future and I don't know when I will have the opportunity to do good things like this with Mr. Sawat again and I took one of Khun Phaen and put it in my pocket. Sabucha took it with him and asked for another amount of Khun Phaen to distribute to the students at Wat Rong Du. Luang Pu Sawat said that this set of Khun Phaen consecrated by his father was as strong as Khun Phaen Nang Ram Rai. Special, every Khun Phaen amulet, Luang Pu Sawatjarayan, anointed with Nang Rai Rai powder to enhance the elements and increase strength. Anyone who has not worshiped it yet, hurry up and worship it. Items like this are not often made, only a small number are made.

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