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Choo Chok Amulet The old man Chuchok Khor Ngern Lan Ud Muan Sarn Aathan Takrut Pokasap Pra Ajarn Amnaj Maha Wiro Size 1.9 cm

Choo Chok Amulet The old man Chuchok Khor Ngern Lan Ud Muan Sarn Aathan Takrut Pokasap Pra Ajarn Amnaj Maha Wiro Size 1.9 cm

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Choo Chok Amulet The old man Chuchok Khor Ngern Lan Ud Muan Sarn Aathan Takrut Pokasap Pra Ajarn Amnaj Maha Wiro Size of Amulet: High 1.9 cm

ตาเฒ่าชูชก ขอเงินล้าน พระอาจารย์อำนาจ มหาวีโร

Choo Chok Khor Ngern Lan Maha Wiro Ud Muan Sarn Aathan (sacred powders filled in base), Takrut Maha Pokasap and Look Namo spells inserted), Loi Ongk Statuette from the Great Pra Ajarn Amnaj Mah WIro. Empowered with the Invocations of Maha Lap of Choo Chok (Jujaka), and possesses the ubiquitous powers of Protection 'Gae Jon' (prevent Poverty and cash-flow still-stands), 'Maha Mongkol' (Great Blessings of good Fortunes, Health and Wealth), and Maha Lap Maha Pokasap Wealthy and Lucky Blessings. Choo Chok deity is naturally endowed with immense Maha Sanaeh, Choke Lap and Maha Lap power. Anything he asks for, he always gets. People never refuse his requests ever.

This edition has become instantly successful in 2561 BE the same yer of release, after one of the Devotees won first prize in the Lottery, after performing Bucha to Ajarn Amnaj's Choo Chok and Kumarn Tong. This became National News and Pra Ajarn Amnaj was invited to appear on TV to explain about his Choo Chok and Kumarn Tong.

Pra Ajarn Amnaj's magic has proved itself to be that of a true Adept Master, with every edition becoming immnensely successful and receiving much accolade from those who use them. Pra Ajarn Amnaj Maha Wiro of the Samnak Badibat Tam Maha Wiro in Chayapum is very highly revered around South-East Asia.

The Muan Sarn sacred Ingredients used for insertion into the base of these amulets are incredibly powerful ingredients, taken from the best sources of Sorcerous Power. They also include powders from previous editions including; Pong Look Krok, Pong Prataat Gao Phaen Din(earth of a Buddhist Stupa Relic from Nine different Countries), Roi Din Paya Nak Mae Nam Khoeng (earth taken from the tracks of a Naga that has come to the banks from the Mekong River), Din Gon Kru (collected from various hiding place chambers around the country as Pra Ajarn Amnaj was wandering on Tudong).
He mixed these powders together with Incantations to make it into 'Taat Pong Prai Kumarn Din' (elemental earth base for Kumarn Tong making). The Taat Pong Prai kumarn Din was then mixed with earths from 7 Cemeteries, ashes from the cremations of 9 Child Funerals, earth from 9 Meru Funeral Pyres, Wan Kumarn Tong herb, Ittijae powder, and over 108 types of Prai Powders from 108 cemeteries, Kumarn Tong Powders from 108 Master Monks, Pong Taewa Phuudt (Deva Ghost) from a Phuudt type Ghost that has immense psychic powers.

👴 Choo Chok has very many Buddhist Connotations, due to appearing in the Jatakas as Jujaka in the last incarnation of the Buddha before he was born as Siddhatta.
The Buddha was previously born as the Prince Vessantara, and completed the Perfection of Giving. Choo Chok played a leading role in Prince Vessantaras completion of the perfection, by asking the Prince for his children, to which Vessantara conceded, and let go of his ultimate possessions and attained the ‘Maha Dhana Baramee’ (Perfection of Giving).

The fact that Choo Chok was able to even ask for somebody’s children and get them, shows the immense attraction and power of Metta Mahaniyom which the beggar Choo Chok possesses. This is the reason why the Choo Chok Deity is such a powerful attractor of riches, because Choo Chok has a special Baramee that allows even the least likely gifts to be given with the greatest of ease. Sales are made so easily with Choo Chok to help.

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