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Crown Pendent Sariga Park Dang Magic Talisman Red-lipped Salika bring wealth, treasure, money, gold, customers. Made for good trading,

Crown Pendent Sariga Park Dang Magic Talisman Red-lipped Salika bring wealth, treasure, money, gold, customers. Made for good trading,

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Crown Pendent Sariga Park Dang Magic Talisman Red-lipped Salika, Karak, Kalong, Karum, Karuay, Year 2012, Wat Tha Karong, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province
การัก กาหลง การุม การวย ปี55 วัดท่าการ้อง จ.พระนครศรีอยุธยา

This Magic Pendent is used to bring wealth, treasure, money, gold, customers. Made for good trading, companies and shops should be worshipped.Business will prosper well. customer walks in call in all day

“Phrakru Suthipanyasophon”, the abbot of Tha Karong Temple, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province, created the talisman “Salika Pump” which is the symbol of Tha Karong Temple.

It's called the red-lipped Salika - the good-lipped Salika. He commented that a red mouth, a good mouth, a mouth that is completely full and rich in wealth, shows that there is always something to eat and never run out of. I don't know the words "starvation, want, poverty". When you hear the sound of birds singing, you will gain money, gain gold, and increase your wealth. Receive good fortune, worship, gain good fortune

Red lips are a special subject of "Salika subject" that is not known to the poor.
Another thing Red lips are good lips. The mouth that says something is trusted by people. Captivating the hearts of those who listen to our words, it is as if they are mesmerized. Trust and have faith. Have a mouth that is first, a mouth that is kind, and a mouth that is a councillor. You can do it well because of the charisma of the Red-Pakked Salika.

talismans “Red-lipped Salika” is written all over with mystical amulet numbers called Nok Salika Maha Yantra. Couldn't find any space. There is a Phaya Yantra that gives clear results as follows:

1. Eyes are holes, trapping wealth, trapping fortune, trapping wealth and gold.
2. Neck down "Nakrob Nakrong" to preserve the wealth and stability forever.
3. Left wing down "Narucha" fame and honor appear both outstanding and famous, spread hundreds of yojana far.
4. Right wing down "Na Mongkut" brings prosperity. High with rank and honor will grow to be the leader of the people
5. Left body down "Na stop suffering" prohibits suffering, sorrow, disease, danger of any kind. Complete protection. Thao Phraya is angry at us like he will kill or curry us. Seeing my face disappear from anger until the punishment was over, even if I didn't die, it would turn bad and become good.
6. Right body down "Thong Chai Navaharkun" is the flag of victory. ward off misfortune Protection against all dangers Doing good business brings a lot of wealth and worship.
7. The tip of the hair is down to the Tri-Eta yantra or Shiva's eye yantra, protecting from danger, protecting against enemies, both visible and invisible demons. Go into the forest to protect yourself from snakes, poisonous creatures, and all kinds of dangerous animals.
8. Touch the tail down "Na look back", kindness is like a "deer looking back", kindness is popular, people have to look until they have to look back.
9.Crossed feet hold wealth. It's a popular charm. Compassion is strong, capturing anything and receiving mercy all the time.

“Red-Pak Salika” was imported into the grand coronation ceremony at Suthat Thepwararam Temple, Bangkok. More than 300 monks participated in the prayer and consecration, such as Luang Por Chamnan, Bang Kuti Thong Temple, Luang Por Suk, Thang Krabue Temple, Luang Por Suk, Thang Krabue Temple, Father Nim, Phuttha Mongkol Temple, Chao Khun Thiang - Chao Khun Bowon - Chao Khun Chuap, Wat Rakhang, Father Saing, Pa Lelai Temple, Father Than Kloi, Phu Khao Thong Temple, Father Than Tuam, Sri Suwan Temple, Father Preecha, Khao Itisu Temple. Kto, Luang Pu Nu In Wat Pa Phuttha Mongkol, Luang Pho Phrom, Ban Suan Temple, Luang Pho Wan, Khlong Khun Temple, Luang Pho Chalerm, Phra Yat Temple, Luang Pho Ruay, Tako Temple, Luang Pho Wan, Phutthaisawan Temple, Luang Pho Poon, Ban Temple. Pan

Luang Pho Khaek, Wat Sunthon Pradit, Luang Pho At, Wat Khao Kaew, Luang Pho Kliang, Wat Noen, Luang Pho Fu, Wat Bang Samak, Phra Than Saeng, Wat Sila Loi, Luang Pho Phon, Wat Bang Kaew, Luang Pho Uean. Wang Daeng Tai Temple, Father Than In of Nikhom Thepha Temple, Father Siri of Tan Temple, Father Bun of Thung Hiang Temple, Father Surasak of Wat Pradu, Father Jai of Wat Phraya Yat, Father Suang of Tham Phrom Sawat Temple, Father Wan. Wat Saba Yoi, Luang Pho Tiw Wat Manee Chonlakhan, Kruba Kritsana Wat Pa Maha Wan, Luang Pho Noppawan Senanimit Temple, Luang Pho Malai, Bang Ya Phraek Temple and Luang Pho It, Chulamanee Temple, etc.

Great charm Amulet fiercely merciful Outstanding in love, calling a partner, finding love to come in continuously for the worshiper. In matters of business, it will call guests, call customers to come in and buy easily, come to support us every day, just like crows come in and gather around the remains of food that will never come. One item but will come in flocks A collection of medicinal herbs for charm, kindness and fortune, Takrud for fortune. Maha Sanae Takrud, In-Khu, WanGaiDang Powder The side of the star that conjures progress and prosperity Framed with WanGaiDang Oil

🙏 This is another simple and effective amulet to Love Luck and attraction This bless everyone whether you are seeking for marriage luck, happiness, love, family harmony, good friendship, minimize quarrelsome energy and those seeking for proposals. Not only are they good for male-female relationship, but they are also suitable for LGBT. All in all, this beautiful amulet serves to increase your attractiveness and defeat competitors.

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