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Gambling Amulet (Phii Pa Nan Gambling Ghost or ghosts Gamble luck Ghost Spirit powerful talisman)

Gambling Amulet (Phii Pa Nan Gambling Ghost or ghosts Gamble luck Ghost Spirit powerful talisman)

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Gambling Amulet (Phii Pa Nan Gambling Ghost or ghosts Gamble luck Ghost Spirit powerful talisman)

Magic talisman to make of riches and wealth good luck & love attraction Great for improving businesses increasing sales and attracting more customers (Gambling luck e.g. 4D/TOTO/INVESTMENTS)

ผีพนัน หรือพรายพยนต์ เสี่ยงโชคบ่ยัน เจ้ามือคร้าม หลวงปู่น้อย วัดป่าดอนประดู่

Gambling ghosts or ghosts Gamble luck, no matter how dreadful the dealer is, How good is the dealer? Gambling ghost wins Pouring ghost powder on gambling Embedded with a silver takrut, a lucky heart, Reverend Grandfather Noi Yanthipo, Pa Don Pradu Temple, Charoen Sin District, Sakon Nakhon Province, ghost gambling or Prai Payon. A piece of bone marrow, created according to the magic of tying a paranormal robot, compressing the elements, invoking the spirit. According to the ancient Khmer textbook of Luang Pu Chan Magician of Kampong Thom Cambodia,

Reverend LP Noi Blessed until the ghost of gambling, ghosts, nymphs struggling in the bowl Blessed until a vision arises that he can sit and talk and interact. is the end of the ritual Full of power and merit, able to use, able to command, whisper warning, prevent all dangers Whispering in a dream tells fortune Enhance the power of trade, sales, business work, being a friend to protect when traveling or alone. Luang Pu Noi is made from pieces of paranormal bone. Carved according to the textbook, forcing Hien to be the strongest, covering with ghost ghost powder Deceased gambler. who make a living with gambling mainly until becoming rich It's rare to get rich from gambling. But this gambler is luckier than anyone else when he was lucky all the time, but he never lost. When he died, Reverend Grandfather devoted his request to bring the ashes to be mixed with the yeast. He also joined in making merit. Gambling ash powder is a medium for fortune. to see results quickly success side of luck To be above people, above competitors, not lower than people, not until anyone

Before bringing it into the house, burn the incense to worship the 16th deity. Pay homage to 3 Buddha images in the house and light another 1 flower that invites the ghost of Gambling, Prai Phayon to enter the house. for ease of use to make a shelf lower than the monk Or carry it with you to hang below the monk. Served with sweet and savory food as convenient If it's inconvenient, tell the gambling ghost to wait and eat with us. We eat whatever he eats. Gambling ghost or ghost ghost a demigod that Reverend Grandfather summoned and summoned the image and called his name The cause must be a semi -god and the ghost, because if only using the gods, even if it is strong, it is true, but the ghosts or ghosts will not show the power to be gradually. Therefore, it must be mixed with both gods and ghosts. because ghosts like to show their power love to show power Reverend Grandfather Noi said

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