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Lucky Bracelet Phra Rahu The god of fate Powerful amulets for Riches Luck fortune wealth Health Love and Happiness.

Lucky Bracelet Phra Rahu The god of fate Powerful amulets for Riches Luck fortune wealth Health Love and Happiness.

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Powerful Magic Talisman "Phra Rahu" The god of fate Powerful amulets for Riches Luck fortune wealth Health Love and Happiness.

Phra rahoo Recommended for those who experience Bad Luck, and are Unlucky in General, to clear obstacles and open up Lucky Fortunes. Magical amulets destiny turn bad luck to good, Excellent for boosting luck great for protection, prevent danger and against all negative energy,reflect away all bad things.Improve and secure business sales , and for smooth career

Bracelet of Rahu, support the fortune of millionaires, knit rope, Ajarn Plien, Hatyanon

Phra Rahu supports millionaires For people who believe in destiny, paying homage to "Rahu" is what many people pay attention to. Because Rahu in astrology is believed that if Rahu moves It will affect the fate and Lakkhana Rasri. Worship and carry Rahu with that will be able to Pray for blessings with the personal Rahu that we worship right away. good for fortune evil becomes good out of various misfortunes It also inspires fortune, financial flow, work progress, wealth, millionaire, billionaire everyone...

This is one of the most sought after and powerful Bucha Items one can have for Increasing Good Fate and Fortunes, Removing Obstacles, protecting oneself from Physical Dangers and Black Magic, and Increasing Wealth and Treasures. Excellent for boosting luck, changing bad luck into good, warding off enemies, backstabbers and deflection of all danger. Most suitable for those Zodiac who clash with Taisui this year.

Phra rahu. bring in treasured possessions and prevent them from being lost .Indeed, which is seen as an excellent feature for maha pokasap magic. This will help to catch treasures and keeps the accumulated wealth safe in its cavities.

Bring good prosperity improve luck and fortune especially business and authority, attracts customers , an amulet can also bring both metta maniyom and maha sanaeh charm atrraction well liked by all, be more popular and receive helpful treatment from others , Serm Duang improved Astrological Horoscope

About this Rahu Thai Art

Rahu is a Mythical God of Darkness, appeared in ancient Thai legendary. He was assigned by Great Gods; Brahma, Shiva, and Visnu to be a protector from bad luck, disaster, and suffering. The image of Rahu swallowing the sun and the moon is a popular explanation of causing eclipses in local Thai belief.

Moreover, his image is also a part of religious teaching of thought. It represents that when life is upside down. Or, when you face problems all around and full of misfortune. There is always a light to bright up your life again. This light will bring opportunity and make you find wisdom. Or meet knowledgeable persons, philosophers, and good friends to lead and guide you to overcome all the unfortunate problems.

It is a common practice in Thailand to see Buddhist followers seek blessing from Rahu. A large statue of Rahu is famously located in many temples. This traditional Thai art is a great Asian decor item for your home and office. Royal Thai Art is the best place to bring Thailand to your home with our enriched cultural Thailand artworks.

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