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Lucky Oil Nam Man Prai Paya Ngu Hlueam Magic Snake oil or Gambling oil By Kroo Ba Dech Gittiyano Thai Trade Money Business Gambling and Love

Lucky Oil Nam Man Prai Paya Ngu Hlueam Magic Snake oil or Gambling oil By Kroo Ba Dech Gittiyano Thai Trade Money Business Gambling and Love

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Lucky Oil (Nam Man Prai Paya Ngu Hlueam Snake oil or Gambling oil) By Kroo Ba Dech Gittiyano - Samnak Songk Pha Cha Ban Mai Amulet Thai Trade Money Business Gambling and Love

The Nam Man Prai Paya Hlueam Snake Oil is derived from an Ancient Khmer Grimoire of Sorcery based in Maha Sanaeh Metta Maha Niyom Magic. The potion is a powerful aid in attracting and seducing lovers, and customers for business.

This Powerful Oil is comparable to the python who sits in waiting for its prey, and does not need to slither around looking for it, and who pounces when the prey passes by, entwining its coils around its captive and never letting go, until it has had its fill, and consumed all. The python also sits in wait for its mate to appear and approach, and does not need to go far afield or make excessive exertions to find a mate.

🌟Snakes survive easily in their Natural Habitat, and the ease with which they catch their prey, and their survival powers are considered to be Naturally Magical powers present within Python Wicha amulets even without further Incantations or Psychic Empowerment. Their Musk has been used in perfumes and other potions to attract friendship and love for Centuries in many Cultures. It is also Traditionally believed, that he or she who dreams of a Python, will find their True Partner in Life. Hardcore Gamblers swear by the powers of the Wicha Ngu Hlueam (Python Magic), of which of course the 'Dueay' (spurs of the male), or the Oil Extract, are considered to be the most powerful Wicha for Gambling.

🌟The magic Oil is useful for the following purposes

Siang Choke (Gambling) - Use to increase Chances of Winning and Induce Lucky Winning Streaks.

Kaa Khaay (selling and business) - Powerful for increasing Customers and Clients, improving your powers to convince others to buy your wares, or hire your services.

Metta Maha Sanaeh - Love and Popularity - Powerful attraction of Lovers and to increase Popularity in Professional and Social/Romantic areas of Life.
Smear a little drop of oil on the Palm of each hand before you go Gambling, or to work, to attract income and sales, lottery wins and good hands of cards.

You can also smear the oil onto parts of your shop or your wares to increase sales and attract customers.Dam a tiny bit of oil on your brows, hair or clothing to have Maha Sanaeh Seductiv Power of Attraction towards the other (or same) sex for amorous exploits. Smear a tiny bit on the person we like to cast Metta Maha Niyom spell on them, and make them like you back, or feel sorry for you. The oil is usable as a Maha Sanaeh Seduction Charm for both genders regardless of heterosexual, Bisexual or Gay. Man-Man, Lady-Lady, Man-Woman, even threesome.

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