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Magic Pendant Locket (Mae Bua Bang Bai ) Amulet powerful for increasing the passion and closeness in your relationship.

Magic Pendant Locket (Mae Bua Bang Bai ) Amulet powerful for increasing the passion and closeness in your relationship.

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Powerful Amulet Pendant Bua Bang Bai Chak Khaw Prai Kumarn Powders Red Prai Oil Green See Pheung 2 Takrut 4 Gems In Koo & Corpse Cloth - Ajarn Suntorn

💖 If you are looking for a really powerful spirit based item that can fulfil any wishes and desires, this is the one we strongly recommended.

👸 Belief: Nang Tani is what Thai people call a good-looking lady spirit living in the banana tree called Guai Tanee. Nang Tanee is tied to Thai belief so long. People describe her having got long hair, a good complexion and very nice odor. She has the sex appeal and charm and thai people believe she bring good windfall luck to owner.

There are many stories of Prai Tanee on the internet that you can read up about. After it became known, these spirits are invited by Ajahns or Monks into amulet to help the owner in return for merits.

👸 ล็อกเก็ตแม่บัวจ้าวเสน่ห์(บังบังใบ) ฉากขาว อาจารย์สุนทร เผือกเที่ยง

Bua Bang Bai Chak Khaw Prai Kumarn Powders Red Prai Oil Green See Pheung 2 Takrut 4 Gems In Koo & Corpse Cloth - Ajarn Suntorn

Maker: Ajarn Suntorn Phueak Tiang
Temple of Origin: Locket, Animist Charm
Year of Issue: 2559 BE
Weight: 40 Grams
Type of Amulet: Locket, Animist Charm
Magical Effects: Maha Sanaeh, Jerajaa, Kaa Khaay, Metta Mahaniyom, Maha Lap, Siang Choke
Material: White enamelled locket face, Prai Powders, Prai Oil flask, See Pheung Khiaw flask, In Koo, 2 Takrut, 4 Gems
Recommended Uses: Seduction, Lottery, Commerce, Charming Speech, Wealth Increase
Size of Amulet: 4 x 3 Cm
Number of Amulets Made: Very Few
Edition: Wai Kroo 2556 BE
Finally we see another long, long awaited series of the immensely sought after and highly prized Locket Bpatamang Bua Bang Bai (Lotus Leaf Fairy ), of Ajarn Suntorn Phueak Tiang.

This model is a special Chak Khaw Ongk Kroo Pim B (white locket face version) - with Nuea Pong Bpatamang Kama Sutra (Mai Hyae Yae) powders, with In Koo Lovers statuette, Nam Man Prai Wan Gai Daeng (red Prai Oil) See Pheung Khiaw (Green Waxy Potion) 2 Takrut, 4 Ploi Sek Maha Pokasap (Enchanted Gemstones) Dtid Pha Hor Sop (Corpse Cloth) from Elder Adept, Ajarn Suntorn Phueak Tiang (Lay Necromancer). Only once every few years do we see Ajarn Suntorn release an edition of amulets, and always in very small limited editions.

This Bua Bang Bai Ongk Kroo Masterpiece Version Lotus Leaf Nature Spirit Fairy (Prai Deva) locket by Ajarn Suntorn Phueak Tiang (Putta Sathaan Wiharn Tam), os made with Pure Metta Mahaniyom Maha Sanaeh Magic, and Gae Gam karma dissolving Magic, to banish all enemies, and convert them into friends, attract lovers and to seduce even the ruling deities and ghosts of the gambling dens and dens of iniquity.

One Takrut Maha Sanaeh and one Takrut Maha Lap are inserted along with an In Koo lovers statuette, a Phial of Red Cockerel Prai Oil, a Phial of See Pheung KHiaw green waxy potion of Luang Por Tarb, with four Ploi Sek Gems, and a a strip of 'Pha Hor Sop' corpse cloth embedded within a rich super-concentrate of Necromantic and Herbal Maha Sanaeh powders, ashes, earths, woods and flower pollens.

Made by the now ageing and long accepted sorcerer, Ajarn Suntorn Phueak Tiang (Putta Sathaan Wiharn Tam), whose magical prowess has gone undoubted, for at least one or two decades already, and whose name has traveled from the furthest regions of the north to those of the south of Thailand and into other countries of Southeast Asia such as Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, China, Singapore and Indonesia.

Dimensions; 3 Cm High x 2 Cm wide.

Bpatamang Bua Bang Bai is composed of extremely rich and valuable rare ancient Muan Sarn sacred powders, and a large number of magical and sorcerous ingredients . The major part of the mixture is composed of pure Pong Prai Kumarn from the most famous Master of this powder, Luang Phu Tim (Wat Laharn Rai, Rayong).

In addition a number of other strong powders from Luang Phu Kaew, Luang Phu Pu Green Prai Oil waxy potion from, Luang Por Tarp, Luang Por Orn, Luang Por Samri, and his own specially composed admixtures, including Mai Yae Hyae wood powders. These powerful powders were used to make a number of different versions of this amulet, with varied concentrations of sacred powders and different combinations of Takrut spells and sacred spirit woods inserted.

Sacred Charm, oils such as Nam Man Prai, Nam Man Sarika, Nam Man Dork Tong were also mixed in as a binding spell to enrichen the attraction and charm effects with their pheromone based magical influence. The locket also has thge immense Maha Sanaeh Power of the In Koo, which is invoked and represented by the golden statuette inserted into the top of the rear face. Ajarn Suntorn is a very Adept and experienced Master of Wicha, and is the resident master performing the Na Hnaa Tong gold leaf forehead blessing at his afilliated temple. He often assists the ordained Sangha in empowering amulets, as seen in the below picture

His amulets are of the finest grade magical ingredients and concentrated powders, and this fact has made Ajarn Suntorns fame increasingly widespread, as his powerful Maha Sanaeh amulets begin to emit their effects on the devotees, and success story after success story reveals that Ajarn Suntorns amulets indeed have the concentrated powders and powerful magical elements they are reputed to have.

In truth, really rare and powerful sacred powders, apart from being so difficult to get hold of, are also expensivecase, which is the reason why Occult charms of the Maha Sanaeh variety, from lay or ordained masters, are always much more highly priced that other powder amulets offer

The Bpatamang Bua Bang Bai amulet contains an extremely concentrated amount of Luang Por Tim's Pong Prai Kumarn powder, Pong Sanaeh and Metta powders from Luang Phu Tarp, Luang Por Derm, Luang Phu Gaew, Luang Por Orn, Luang Por Samrit. A number of other very rare substances and oils were added; Nam Man Sariga, Nam Man Prai, and Nam Man Dork Tong, making this amulet naturally powerful just by reason of the extreme concentration of Muan Sarn powders.

In addition to the immense attraction power of the Maha Sanaeh and Prai Powders, the amulet has of course also the embedded psychic empowerments of Ajarn Suntorn, and the magical might of the resident Prai spirit.

The Bua bang Bai range of powder amulets from Ajarn Suntorn were made in three different powder mixtures, each mixture having a range of different models ranging from entry price to luxury Master Piece models (Ongk Kroo). ฺีThe Wicha Bua Bang Bai is a powerful Master Wicha originated from Luang Por saway, anbd practiced to Mastery by great Lay Masters such as the great Ajarn Pleng Bun Yern, and Ajarn Suntorn in the present Era.

Bua Bang Bai is a proverbial saying referring to the breasts of a lady, who has beautiful large Bosom, able to cover a larger span than the leaves of a large lotus flower. The erotic attraction implications need little further explanation. Apart from the powder versions, two locket type amulets were created in normal and Jumbo sizes, the Jumbo size having a bottle of prai oil in the sacred powders of the rear face.

Nuea Muan Sarn Luan (pure Prai Powder mixture)

One model was made using pure concentrated Prai Powders without restraint on expense, with a gold Takrut, one triple 'Sam Kasat' Takrut, one piece of Masyaa. Only 14 of these amulets were made in total.

Nuea Pong Sanaeh Ya Faed (Pong Prai Kumarn with Ya Faed powder) - this was made in two versions;

Pim Khun Phaen Pratap Got, with Takrut Sak Kasat and one piece of Masya
Pim Tammada with no Takrut
Nuea Pong Bpatamang Kama Sutra (Pong Prai Kumarn with Kama Sutra powder - a very strong attractor for the opposite sex).

4 Models (Pim) were made to our knowledge.

Pim Ongk Kroo with Mai Hyae Yae, Mai Ka Long, and one Takrut
Pim Pised with Mai Hyae Yae and one Takrut
Pim Takrut Koo With one Golden Takrut Na Ok Dtaek and one Silver Takrut Chang Pasom Khlong
Pim Tammada with no Takrut or Mai inserts

This amulet lays more focus on the power of the spells, incantations and invocations of spirits, and the Sacred magical Muan sarn ingredients for the powder potion, than any other factor, despite the obvious aesthetic beauty of the locket as a material object. The In Koo brings the power of romantic attraction and mercy charm, and allows for seductive enchantment of lovers. The In Koo (also known in South East Asia as ‘Yin Tong’) is a symbiotic Deity in the form of a Man and a Woman embracing each other.

The Nam Man Prai Gai Daeng brings Gambling Luck and and Dominion over Lovers, and the See Pheung Khiaw brings immense Metta Maha Sanaeh and Kaa Khaay power for Mercy Charm, Attracting Customers and Admirers and for Increasing Selling Power. Even the Great Luang Phu Tim of Wat Laharn Rai so famous for his Khun Phaen Prai Kumarn, was prone to use See Pheung Khiaw of Luang Por Tarb to imbue his amulets with extra power.

It is a magical animist effigy which ancient people believed represents the first ever pair of Man and Woman (male and female) in the History of the World, and is a symbol of Love between a man and woman. It is believed that the holder of an In Koo Talisman is endowed with Maha Sanaeh power over the other sex, and that they will feel attracted to the wearer of the In Koo, and wish to approach and get to know you. If they approach then they will be helpless against the attraction power of the Palad In Koo. This is the Love Charm Magic of Maha Sanaeh (Charm and Attraction).
Ajarn Suntorn

The lockets were also released in a special Pim A Ongk Kroo Gold faced locket version, with 3 Takrut, 3 glass phials (1 Nam Man Prai Gai Daeng Red Cockerel Oil Potion, 1 See Pheung Khiaw waxy potion, & 1 Pong Sanaeh Ya Faed powder filled) 4 Gemstone inserts. The special gold faced 'Chak Tong Ongk Kroo Pim A' model was released at a considerably higher price due to the extreme limited numbers, higher concentration of Muan sarn and the addition of the pure concentrated extremely rare, hard to create and empower, and expensive to make Pong Sanaeh Ya Faed Necromantic Powders Flask.

🙏 This is another simple and effective amulet to Luck and attraction This bless everyone whether you are seeking for marriage luck, happiness, love, family harmony, good friendship, minimize quarrelsome energy and those seeking for proposals. One advantage is that they are the guardian angels of love for everyone irrespective of sexuality. Not only are they good for male-female relationship, but they are also suitable for LGBTs. All in all, this beautiful amulet serves to increase your attractiveness and defeat competitors.

💖 Special Magic talisman was created as a strong charming for users, being lovable by people all around and Opens up the channel of wealth into your life
💥Lucky Amulet for several different purposes, namely to attract manifold blessings of good luck, love, health and wealth.
💥Attract a lover,Attract money,Attract business - Attract sales and customers into your shop/office or business premises
💥Increase your personal magnetism and charismatic presence
💥 Love amulet Improves your personal appearance and aura
💥 Attracts compassion, love and caring and compassion from others from all sides
💥 Stabilises ones financial future Improves sales, business and commerce and Improves your career graph dramatically

It will make a fantastic gift for someone special or for a collector of Asian antiques. Keep it with you for Success Power or keep it in your house. This is a fabulous collector's items indeed.

Note: 🙏 The actual Amulet & Talisman Or Thai Product might be slightly different from the display image due to camera light and/or brightness of screen monitors. Likewise, The features mentioned above Still the same in all respects

💖 The result may different for each person. 💖 The amulet is a personal belief. Please use consideration 💖 If you have faith into something , you can felt invisible power inside what you believe. It is always be better true for amulets users

💖 We’re glad that you found what you were looking for. It is our goal that you are always happy with what you bought from us, so please let us know if your buying experience was anything short of excellent. We look forward to seeing you again.

🙏 If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to let me know. I look forward to hearing from you. 💖 May God continue to bless you and your family with divine light, love and power that will bring much love, joy, peace, inner strength and overflowing abundance in your home . Best Regards 🙏🙏🙏 Thank you very much & Good Luck and Happy and Enjoy Shopping

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