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Magic Pendent Phet Phayathorn Powerful Amulet for fast luck love and Attraction ( lucky outcomes with money, wealth. and Love)

Magic Pendent Phet Phayathorn Powerful Amulet for fast luck love and Attraction ( lucky outcomes with money, wealth. and Love)

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Magic Pendent Phet Phayathorn Powerful Amulet for fast luck love and Attraction (💵 lucky outcomes with money, wealth. and love coming to you quickly and effectively.)

เพชรพญาธรหลงคู่ ลป.อิน วัดหนองเม็ก สุรินทร์
Taewada Hlong Hong Montr Paetch Payatorn Jantr Sorn Jantr Ongk Kroo 17 Takrut 12 Gems 2 Pearls Dork Rak Sorn Pong Prai 2556 BE Luang Phu In Size of Amulet: 5 x 4 Cm

Paetch Payatorn (Tewada Hlong Hog) Ongk Kroo, Special Prai Maha Sanaeh Muan Sarn Sacred Powder Concentrate Paetch Payatorn Sacred Powder Amulet, with 17 Takrut spells, 12 Maha Pokasap Gemstones, Nam Man Prai Long Hon Bottle (The oil is inserted inside a bottle with cork, but slowly oozes out of the bottle, to absorb into the powders, leaving the bottle empty, and the powders imbued with the essence of Phii Prai Ghosts), 2 Pearls and a Rare Dork Rak Sorn flower inserted, from Master Adept Khmer sorcerer, Luang Phu In (Wat Nong Meg).

This Ongk Kroo Masterpiece version is made from the finese Muan Sarn in Luang Phu's Inventory, 'Nuea Pong Sanaeh Luan Gammagarn' (Pure concentrated Maha Sanaeh powders with no dilution). This renders the powder black in color, due to the addition of Sacred Necromantic Earths and Ashes, and black peat with Kong Grapan

Empowered with the Montr Paetch Payatorn edition after the Traimas three month rainy retreat, using Luang Phu In's Vast Array of Khmer Wicha which only he Possesses in Thailand, and which are part of what makes him in our opinion, the number one Master of the Seven Great Ordained Masters of Maha Sanaeh Magic in the Present Era. The Wicha Gampong Jaam, Bantian Mia, and Nia Kajia Sorceries, were applied along with the Incantations and Invocations of the Paetch Payatorn Deva.

Phet Phayathorn Magically enchant your target for love or attraction purposes is perfect for increasing the passion and closeness in your relationship. This very powerful amulet pendant will lock your target person and cause them to become crazy over you. They will always be thinking of you and longing for your presence.

🙏 This is another simple and effective amulet to Love Luck and attraction This bless everyone whether you are seeking for marriage luck, happiness, love, family harmony, good friendship, minimize quarrelsome energy and those seeking for proposals. One advantage is that they are the guardian angels of love for everyone irrespective of sexuality. Not only are they good for male-female relationship, but they are also suitable for LGBTs. All in all, this beautiful amulet serves to increase your attractiveness and defeat competitors.

🤴Legend has it that Pet Phayathorn :
Phet Phayathorn is an angel in heaven, extremely flirtatious, and greedy for lust. When he wanted a girl, he would secretly go to her at night and cast a spell to create lust until he had to get involved with every one of them.

Phet Phayathorn in general Then there will be two forms: the form that is half-angel and half-ghost. She has a beautiful appearance that is very attractive to the opposite sex. incontinent in lust

When he wanted a girl, he would secretly go to her at night and cast a spell to create lust until he had to get involved with every one of them. In this form, it is usually made in the form of amulets such as talisman cloth or amulet powder. But if people don't know how to look at it, they will think that it is Phra Khun Phaen. In fact, some of them will be Phet Phayathorn.

The other form resembles a penis. This line is more of a line that was learned from the ancient Khmer way. You have to look and see which one is Phet Phayathorn and which one is Palad Khik. Look at Phet Phayathorn. It has a body with front legs, back legs, and a tail. Sometimes he looks like a lion. Sometimes it looks like a Kirin. Or sometimes they give you wings too.

Because in the mantra there is a chapter that says: Om Phra Phet Phayathorn reigns fly in the sky. I will call you to come….

It means that Phet Phayathorn can fly. This section is mostly popular among monks who created it. Because in the past era Palad Khik was very popular. Starting from Luang Pho Yi, Luang Pho Luea, and Luang Pho Yid, all of them popularly created Palad Khik until they became famous.

Therefore, some monks made Phet Phayathorn in the form of Palad Khik. But it has front legs added. Its hind legs have a tail that gives it a lifelike appearance. There is movement. You will see that you can fly to your lover and call your lover. Luang Pho Klom consecrated it to bring kindness, popularity and good fortune.

Phet Payathorn is an ancient science according to the textbook which states that Phet Payathorn is a deity. It represents the god of mercy and good fortune. Give it to those who have prayed to worship Lord Phet Phayathorn. and can pray and ask for blessings from Lord Phet Phayathorn as desired for this line of Phet Phayathorn subjects.

A handsome, flirtatious angel who likes to have fun and have fun. Constantly searching for love, traveling in search of a beautiful woman to be his partner. Whether it's the angels Queen of Heaven including Makkaliphon of the Himmapan Forest Until there was a battle for her with the angels.
The Gandharvas also hoped for those beautiful women. But Phet Phayathorn is very powerful. It is very difficult for the opponent to overcome, so it is usually the one who gets those women to admire in the end...

🎯 To get maximum power from Thai amulet Magic talisman , There are no negatives to keeping this item and it is safe for all. you should Use them as much as you can. there are no rules or restriction on who carry it or where it's carried you can carry this item anywhere including the restroom and anyone can carry it man, woman, Gay Lesbian Homosexual or Child.

🙏 Moreover, Magic Thai Amulet can be used either by Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, This means that people from all faiths and religions can benefit from using this type of amulet. Please Bring along the Magic Thai Amulet when going out and about, The more one uses the amulet, the better the results. Use the Magic talisman frequently, and the energies in the Magic talisman will settle in your aura and boost your personal magnetism. It works by affecting willpower and happens naturally because of the sacred components contained within.

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