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Magic Talisman Khun Phaen Muen Yantra Hnang Glong (Drumskin leather) Special Edition of Drumskin Yantra magic is of great Charm and Attract

Magic Talisman Khun Phaen Muen Yantra Hnang Glong (Drumskin leather) Special Edition of Drumskin Yantra magic is of great Charm and Attract

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Magic Talisman Khun Phaen Muen Yantra Hnang Glong (Drumskin leather) Luang Pho Wasit Uchuko-

Special Edition of Drumskin Yantra magic is of great Maha Saneh power to Charm and Attract the Desired people and targets. This is one Thai Buddhist Amulet that is Immensely Original and Attractively Made Khun Phaen Muen Yantra Amulet using various Elements of Sorcery to Empower this Top Class Maha Sanaeh Amulet for those who work in the Public Sectors, Public relations, Talks, Shows and Stage performance, and Merchants. Magic talisman For Attract a lover, Attract money, Attract business, Make your lover come to you, Controlling and commanding, build rapport quickly and easily

Khun Phaen Muen Yantra Thai Amulet Enhance your aura and magnify your force fields to become a more attractive and charming personality. Making your aura magnetic it makes people around you have nothing but are, praise, love and care for you.

This is a versatile talisman that can be used for development of many cosmic and spiritual powers that assist and help improve all aspects of your life. A divinely empowered thai amulet, it will ensure that you succeed in all your endeavors. With powers that know no limit, it will assist you in all aspects of life, whether personal or professional.

Drumskin leather has 2 sides, one side is metal. Drumskin is a kind of mystical object. that people like to make into amulets Because there is already magic within. Because when anyone hears the sound of the drumming, people come to find it. It is a gathering place for people. The sound of the play drum is powerful. Calling people together Call the general It is a sound that expresses greatness, calling people to come. The plate drum beats and people gather. After the attack, many people brought offerings.

When going to play the drums, whether it's food or food There is always fullness without interruption. It's like fortune that never fails. Many masters use drumsticks to make amulets of great charm and kindness.

For this set of Khun Phaen, the full-length character talisman is written, emphasizing the charm of kindness, protection from danger, universal talisman. When you approach people, there will only be people who love you and admire you. When you approach women, women love you. Approaching a man, the man is fascinated It's so charming. Traveling and trading is definitely profitable. Consecrated with the heart of a millionaire. Consecrated magically, emphasizing kindness, popularity and good fortune.

For those who like the charm of kindness or good fortune, you shouldn't miss it. It's definitely good to have with you. Attractive to the opposite sex and same gender Carry it with you to pray. If Father Khun Phaen helps with anything, please let him know. approach a woman tell a woman to love Approach a man and tell him to get lost. Approach the boss and tell him to help. Travel to earn money and ask Father Khun Phaen to help. Go to trade and tell them to help you make a profit. To have good fortune Charming in every way

Size 5.5*5.0 cm

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