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Magic Talisman Takrut promotes rank, promotes good status Powerful Amulet for Respect and authority increasing personal magnetism

Magic Talisman Takrut promotes rank, promotes good status Powerful Amulet for Respect and authority increasing personal magnetism

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Magic Talisman Takrut promotes rank, promotes good status (Takrut LeanYod Lean Thana) Powerful Amulet for Respect and authority increasing personal magnetism; influencing others; improving business and socialising Improve and secure business sales and for smooth career

Takrud promotes rank, promotes good status By Kruba Baeng, Wat Tonot, Nakhon Ratchasima

This Takrut has good substance because it contains Wat Rakhang flower powder. and the way of kindness and wealth A lot of power and prestige were mixed into it, including the hair of Kru Ba Chai. Therefore it is considered to be a top takrud and is a very valuable item with many Buddhist virtues. To help worshipers make a living easily Career progress, promotion, promotion, raise one's fortune, support one's fortune, enhance one's fortune to promote a better status of the worshiper. Can be used by both men and women, can be carried in the car or in a bag.

– Improves your personal appearance and aura
– Attracts compassion, love and caring from all sides
– Makes your presence authoritative
– Assists in business intentions and processes
– Improves sales, business and commerce and Improves your career graph dramatically

This is a very helpful magickal Takrut that has great attraction and influence powers. If you want to easily attract the attention of people and want them to find you more lovable, adorable and praise worthy, then this is the talisman that you definitely want. With it you can now become extremely irresistible even to people who disliked you before completely. This talisman casts a very strong spell that influences people to find you absolutely desirable. It also enhances your aura and makes it more comforting and warm towards any and all people around you.

The Takrut also makes your presence feel authoritative, prominent, respectable and influential at the same time. However, it is also noteworthy that these energies during the course of their action will never attract unnecessary attention of anyone around you. These powers work in a subtle And This talismanic power empowers you to attract success, prosperity and abundance to your life.


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