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Magic Thai Amulet Special Hong Prai

Magic Thai Amulet Special Hong Prai

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Magic Thai Amulet Special Hong Prai
Hong Prai Arthan, coated with num mun prao oil 9 Hongprai by Kruba Deth Kiitayano, Sumnaksong Pacha Bannmai Rattanakosint.

Magic Thai Amulet for Sharpen your Persuading, Convincing & Negotiation Power (Communication Skills) - Ideal for Sales & Business Application Due to the potent power of the mystical properties imbued within the amulet, the Hong Prai can help improve one's luck, fate and fortune. This means that the Hong Prai has the potential power to opening doors that will lead you to your success in bringing about the changes you desire. For instance, the amulet can be used to increase wealth, accumulating money and riches. Moreover, using this amulet will not only boost your charisma, but also serves as an effective means to improve your love life drastically.

For this special Hongprai doll , Kruba Deth has collected and included all kind of most powerful sacred materials such as 9 cemetery soils, 9 cherng takon ashes and ashes from Phee Tayhong from different incident.

Ashes from Phee Tayhong (who used to be a flirt, a casanova) will help you to improve your Maha Saneah, Metta, make people fall in love and give you good love attraction. Ashes from Pheetayhong (who used to be a gambler), will help you to gambling, whispering luck, bring good fortune. Ashes from Pheetayhong (who used to be a big business owner) will help you to be success in business, trading, bring wealth and rich. Ashes from Pheetayhong from severe accident, will help to keep you protection from harm, and dangers. Added more with Rea Leklai and Wan Arthan 108, handmade into this special doll, ceremony took place inside the deep cemetery calling name, souls, katha arkom , tung thart, khan 5 , arkarn 32 behaving like human, one by one.

When you use, make a wish for what you want, and ask hong prai to grant your wishes. You should worship by giving food and do merits, once a month for Hong Prai. Before taking into the house, ask permission from your house guardian spirit to let Hng Prai in. If you do not want to use Hong Prai anymore, untide the white saysint, throw into the water, Hong Prai will be reborn. Very limited number made (only 399).

Katha Hong Prai Ar than….

Na Mo Ta Sa, Pak Ka Wa To, R Ra Ha to, Sum Ma, Sum Put Tasa (repeated 3 times)

Ooh Pa Sum Pa Ta Ya mi Jit Tung (repeated 3 times)

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