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Millionaire Amulet for Luck Paya Jing Jok Maha Sanaeh powerful Magic Attract a lover Attract money Attract business Luck Love Health Wealth

Millionaire Amulet for Luck Paya Jing Jok Maha Sanaeh powerful Magic Attract a lover Attract money Attract business Luck Love Health Wealth

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พญาจิ้งจกมหาเสน่ห์ ลต.เล็ก จันทะโชโต

Millionaire Amulet for Luck Paya Jing Jok Maha Sanaeh Maha Choke Rap Sap A truly Collectible and Full of Auspicious Blessings amulet, imbued with Maha Lap, Metta Mahaniyom and Serm Duang Buddha Magic to Increase your Luck, Prosperity, and improve the Social, Professional, Romantic and Family areas of Life.

Paya Jing Jok Maha Sanaeh Maha Choke Rap Sap - Ongk Kroo 9 Takrut - 100 year old Sacred Powders - White Eel Wicha - Luang Ta Lek Janta Chodto

Material: 2 Tailed Gecko Powders, Red Gemstone, White Eel Powders, Herbs, Pollens and Sacred Woods, 9 Takrut Recommended Uses: Increase Riches and Possessions, Seduction, Gambling
Size of Amulet: 4 Centimeters Long x 2 Centimeter Wide

Paya Jing Jok Maha Sanaeh Maha Choke Rap Sap Wicha Pla Hlai Phueak - Luang Ta Lek Jantachodto. Sacred Powder Gecko Charm for Luck, Love, Riches, Mercy, and Protection, with 100 Year Old Sacred Prai Powders. This is the Pim A Ongk Kroo Masterpiece version, with 9 Takrut spells inserted.

The 'Jing Jok' (Gecko) is a Magical Animal that has dominated Thai Mythical beliefs since the Pre Buddhist Times of Animism. In Olden Times, Thai people would say that if you hear a Gecko greet you when you walk out of the house to go out, that you will be befallen by good luck, and have all the boys or girls you want running after you, have lucky windfalls, and other auspicious blessings. The Gecko is also a powerful protection against Black Magic, for the Sorcery within the Gecko itself is so high as to prevent any other Dark Sorcery from entering the sphere.

The Jing Jok is a highly reputed amulet used for increasing your Gambling Fortunes, and is one of the favorite talismans of the perpetual gambler. Its power to improve Business Talks and Commerce (sales), is Famous. In addition, the Jing Jok is pure Metta Maha Niyom, and Maha Sanaeh, and has been the favorite Love Charm of many generations of Thai people.

Luang Ta Lek Jantachodto is a Master Gaeji Ajarn, of the Forest Tradition Lineage of Solitary Jungle Wnaderer Monks. He is the holder of the Wicha Pla Hlai Phueak Maha Choke Rap Sap, and Caretaker of this Ancient Khmer Kampir Grimoire of Sorcery.

Luang Ta has wandered the jungles of Kampuchea, Myanmar and Laos, wandering through mountainous regions around the borders of these countries, crossing the lines in the deep forest, and meeting with Yogis, Lersi Hermits and other Tudong Forest Masters, to learn the vast number of different Sacred Agkhara lettering for the writing of Magic Spells and Incantations.

He mastered the Lanna, Lao and Khom alphabets to fluency, and through these Merits, the Devas brought the Wicha within the Grimoire to his Keeping, through a natural series of events. Luang Ta has made these Paya Jing Jok Gecko charms using the Wicha Pla Hlai Phueak (White Albino Eel spell), and used his most Sacred 100 years old Muan Sarn Powders which have been kept until this moment, recieving the Incantations of 100 years of Lineage Masters consecutively.

The Geckos are entwined in love embrace (Jing Jok Bee). The tails form the shape of a love heart.
Nine Takrut are inserted into the back face of this Pim A Ongk Kroo Masterpiece version. The Sacred Powders are more highly concentrated in this version.

Luang Ta Lek learned a great number of Sorcery Spells and Wicha from the Great Masters of all the bordering regions. He made these amulets using his finest Muan Sarn Powders;

Pong Wan Pla Hlai Phueak (White Eel Herbal powder)
Pong Jing Jok Sorng Hang (2 Tailed Gecko powders)
Din Proeng (Sacred Marsh Peat)Pong Mai Ga Fak Rak (powdered Symbiotic Twin Trees sacred Wood 1)Pong Mai Ga Fak Mayom (powdered Symbiotic Twin Trees sacred Wood 2)The Powders were mixed according to the Dtamra (formula) in the Ancient Wicha, and were then Empowered with the Invocations for the four elements and the 32 aspects of a living being (re-animation spell). Two different models in this 2555 BE series edition were issued, a Pim B with 3 Takrut Maha Sanaeh Spell inserts, and this, more luxurious (and presumably more powerful), Pim A Ongk Kroo version, with extra concentrated Sacred Powders, one Gemstone, and 9 Takrut spells inserted. The amulets are sprayed with a coating of Gecko Prai Oil - one red empowered Gemstone is inserted into the Heart shape formed by the entwined tails of the Jing Jok.

Bucha Method

Being a Prai Spirit Animal, the Jing Jok must be brought into the home using the same method of invitation as other Prai Devas and Spirits. Before bringing the Jing Jok into the home, light 5 Incense Sticks and inform the Local Spirits of the arrival of the Jing Jok, as a member of the household.

Then light a further 16 sticks of Incense and inform the Higher Celestial Guardian Devas. Then Perform the Incantation to beseech Lucky Fortunes, or for good Commerce, Charm and Attraction, or whichever of the Blessings within the Power of the Jing Jok's abilities. You can speak in your own language with the intention and wishes in your heart

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