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Mystical Potion Love Sex Attraction balm Green wax for Love spell

Mystical Potion Love Sex Attraction balm Green wax for Love spell

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Mystical Potion Love Sex Attraction balm Green wax for Love spell

Blessed by: Ajarn Phu E

Temple: - Thailand

Magical Effects ; love spell potion , its mystical properties are aimed at love, charm, attraction, and romance, Love & Sex ,improving your business sales

Material ; Charming and attractive Beeswax ,herbs which Master collected for a long time, concentrated charming herb which was inherited more than 50 years - Sacred magical powders of love and charm magic herbs 108 kinds ,Various types of charming bee wax ,Powerful Charming oil

Mystical potion balm ; One of the most important things in life is to have attraction. With attraction ,

-you are a likable person?

-With strong attraction, people love to be with you?

-You become more popular, and your name often appear in most of the topics people are discussing?

That's why a person with high charisma is a person with many friends , Mystical balm High charisma can make your words as convincing that it will make people agree and disagree with you. It can allow you to attract almost everyone. That's how a attraction love - potion balm will work. It will increase your attraction in order for you to achieve the following results.


Mystical Potion Love Sex Attraction balm Green wax for Love spell

This Potion Love Sex Attraction balm is mystically prepared and is used to get the attraction of the person your love. If you need to get the attention of someone, or if you love someone, but that person is not aware that you are interested in him/her, then also you can cast this strong and powerful attraction love.

In addition, pha ya te klur amulet with occult incantations have been added to the mystical potion in order to stir up great excitement in others. Since the balm has been endowed with the miraculous ability to enchant a person’s mind, 

Mystical balm substance can be considered a treasure of pure sensual excitement and pleasure, for indeed, its miraculous powers can increase sexual arousal in someone like never before. Thus, the targeted person will hold an amazing fascination for the one who seduces him or her through this powerful love balm this can cause him or her to become completely obsessed with you.

How To Use Mystical potion balm 

You can raise your attraction powers and appear radiant and enchanting to the opposite sex. All you need to do is recite the short love spell mantra before use attraction Balm , Pray Your Wishes & Tap On Your Body - State your intent and visualise its fruition. One can also dab a little on hands before shaking hands with people you want to influence/women you want to attract/your boss/your wife etc.

> When applied over your skin, you will attract Good Luck Also, when applied on your forehead or eyebrows,

After use Potion Love Sex Attraction balm , your personality will glow, where ever you will go, you will be the center of attraction and will attract opposite sex. Well liked by the people around you. Social and professional environment. Whether you know them or not, people will generally be nicer to you.

> Use before opening your shop for business or before meeting important clients. This is an advantageous push and additional advantage for sales professionals and service professionals who genuinely want to do well in your job.

> However, in case of romantic seduction or persuasion, Use to touch or mix beverage/food/water/coffee/etc ,

Can also apply a dab and rub into both palms/hands before hand shakes , Or it has to be anointed directly on the targeted person’s body, Use the mixture constantly whenever you can.

For strengthen ones Relationship ,Or improve relationships and attracts compassion, love and caring ,The persons you lover will gradually begin to start to love you, and you will become their one and only love.

> Before you are going to have sex with someone, you are suggested that anoint the love potion wax in the pubis area above your genital. The power of the love potion will increase the sexual desire on you and your lover. That will create a wonderful sex time. In case that you want to court or flirt with someone, you can anoint the love potion balm on his / her , clothes or stuff and the power of it will dominate that person's mind.

Special Procedures & Instructions (Secret Will Be Given To Owner Only)

Duration of action of attraction Balm ;

You should use with confidence, Must Believe in the oil and all that you know is oil that is greater than any obstacle - It is important that you believe in the powers of this balm and that it will work.

For best results use this balm everyday in the morning after your shower for a minimum of 2 weeks, try not to miss a day. This will help to change your aura to be more appealing and people will appear to be more comfortable around you.

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