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Nam mun prai Jao Mae Gaa Rung - Powerful Thai Occult Spirit Oil

Nam mun prai Jao Mae Gaa Rung - Powerful Thai Occult Spirit Oil

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Nam mun prai Jao Mae Gaa Rung - Powerful Thai Occult Spirit Oil
Activate the Law of Attraction and Draw Abundance into Your Life!

Love and attraction Naman prai oil - real energy work with real results

Perfectly Balanced Masculine and Feminine Energies in Ceremonies, Rituals and Relationships


The love potion original formula Naman prai oil of Jao Mae Gaa Rung was originally made by a magic Brahman named “Phraam Suttho” And then, this knowledge became inherited by another magician named “Ajarn Zhong Tham Bandarn”

The love potion of Jao Mae Gaa Rung is believed to be the fetish potion of Sex Charm. In the ritual of reciting an incantation over the love potion, Jao Mae Gaa Rung was invited to join the ritual. The magic spell called “Yo kha Nitthraa” is casted on the love potion in the ritual. Ingredients for making the love potion of Jao Mae Gaa Rung consist of 108 kinds of herbs in the family of Dawkthawng herb.

Nam mun prai Jao Mae Gaa Rung - Powerful Thai Occult Spirit Oil

The love potion Naman prai is magical oil of love and attraction. An adept in the magickal arts has consecrated this magical oil, it is a powerful magical item with many virtues for love and attraction. It will increase your sex appeal profoundly, making you extremely desirable to the opposite sex. It will soften the heart of one who may have rebuked you in the past, their stubbornness towards you will be dissolve. It will make all who interact with you feel joy in your presence and react more favorably towards you.


The magical attraction Oil will help you influence your target so that you can easily convince them to agree with your sexual needs and demands. They will obediently carry out your sexual commands in a pleasant and dutiful manner.

Use this oil, when you are out attending special functions, dinner events, you can also use it when you out parting and enjoying nightlife. Likewise, the oil can also be used in business and corporate events where you intend to make a good and lasting impression. This oil will make you seem highly favourable when engaging in a negotiation, or simply to acquire trust from your fellow colleagues or peers.


If you have a store or shop with selling things, you can anoint the love potion on your products and the power of the love potion will effect the increase of the prosperity of your business.

Or if you apply the love potion on your hair, forehead and your dress, it will effect on the increase of sexual fascination. Carrying it with you wherever you go can bring luck to you.

Spell to consecrate the love potion of Jao Mae Gaa Rung

“na ja na tit / na pha wa lueng kha / sa home tit” Say this spell and pray for what you wish for.

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