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Palad Khik Magic amulet By Pra Ajarn Waet Surint Powerful Amulet to Attract a lover,Attract money,Attract business,

Palad Khik Magic amulet By Pra Ajarn Waet Surint Powerful Amulet to Attract a lover,Attract money,Attract business,

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Palad Khik Magic amulet By Pra Ajarn Waet Surint Powerful Amulet to Attract a lover,Attract money,Attract business,Make your lover come to you Controlling and commanding
build rapport quickly and easily

The Palad Khik is the phallic form of the Hindu god Shiva, it is also an animistic symbol of fertility. A wonderful and powerful magic item to assist one in areas of love and respect, Perfect For improving businesses, increasing sales and attracting more customers
Palad Khik is specially designed to provide the bearer a stronger sex appeal. It is also believed to improve the power of influence over the opposite sex.Increasing personal magnetism; influencing others; improving business; and socialising.

Palad Khik Dtuean Pay Early Warning Amulet - Nuea Mai Rak Sorn Dtaay Prai Hand Carved & Inscription from Rare Holy Spirit Tree Wood (Wood of a Deva Inhabited Rak Sorn Tree that died for no reason and pointed all branches towards the East).- Pra Ajarn Waet Surint Free shipping with waterproof casing

Pra Ajan Waet carved these Palad Khik Dtuean Pay Early Warning 'Ghost Whisperer' amulets from a rare Holy Rak Sorn tree, whose branches were all pointing to the East, which is not only an extremely rare anomaly to find, but is also the necessary set of Magical conditions for Prai Magic of the Holy Wood empowerment, according to the most Ancient Wicha. Carved from Nuea Mai Rak Sorn Dtaay Prai - The rare Rak Sorn tree, which was found to have a Holy Deva Inhabiting which was willing to reside within amulets as a Ruling Deva, to Protect and Serve the Dhamma by reducing suffering of Humans, and helping to keep them safe.Made during Special Solitary Retreat in the 'Tham Maha Prawaet' Holy Cave.

His Devotees are reputed to have been so demanding of these Palad Khik, that they were never available elsewhere except for at the Kuti hut of Pra Ajarn Waet, because the Devotees would sit in queues demanding that Pra Ajarn Waet would carve one for them on the spot. pra Ajarn never got much further than carving empowering and handing them out as fast as they were made.

These are thus rarely seen available outside of the temple, due to the time consuming and difficult task of the carving of the Palad Khik into the traditional Phallic Lingam shapes, and then the Inscription and Empowerment of the Long series of Kata Chants and Invocations.

Because Pra Ajarn Waet wanted to allow his Devotees from further afield enjoy the benefits and feel the power of his Palad Khik, made from such rare and Holy Sacred Tree wood, he retired to the Prawaet Cave in the Mountainous Forests, and sat in meditation, and carving and empowering the palad Khik.

He sat doing this in Solitude until he had made enough to be able to send out to his most trusted devotees in other Regions and Countries for a small distribution of the Palad Khik to reach further afield than the Temple.

The Devotees who have already used this amulet for long enough to recount its Blessings and Effects, and rave about the Palad Khik Dtuean pay having great Metta Mahaniyom, Kaa Khaay and Maha Sanaeh Power. They rave about its ability to generate increased Business and Work Earnings, Boost Comissions and the number of Customers buying their wares...

Palad Khik are a multi-purpose charm, young boys wear one for protection against water ghosts while swimming, women carry a miniature Palad Khik in their purse to ward off snatchers, men wear them for protection and to attract the opposite sex. Businesses use them to attract custom and fortune, it is said that if a Palad Khik has been blessed by a powerful monk it can draw poison from a snake bite.

Pra Ajarn Waet Surin empowers amulets in the dead of Night within the Cemetery

Kata Bucha Palad Khik
Bpug Bpu Bpid Bpad Giang Bpid Bpad Gao GeungMii Khaa Isaa Isaa Ma Nii Maa Nii

คาถา/ปุกปุปิดปัด เกี้ยงปิดปัดเกากึง มีขา อิสา อิสา มานีมานี

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