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Paya Rachasri Singha HImapant Lion Powerful Amulet Paya Rachasri - Singha Luang Phor Pian Wat Krein Kathin Size 1 cm

Paya Rachasri Singha HImapant Lion Powerful Amulet Paya Rachasri - Singha Luang Phor Pian Wat Krein Kathin Size 1 cm

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Paya Rachasri - Singha HImapant Lion Powerful Amulet Lion Singha Luang Phor Pian Wat Krein Kathin Size 1 cm

สิงห์ หลวงพ่อเพี้ยน วัดเกริ่นกฐิน

Paya Rachasri - Singha Sacred Forest Mythical Himapant Animal, the Paya Rachasri King Lion , in pouncing posture, ready to pounce upon its prey fearlessly. The Rachasri Lion is representative of Maha Amnaj Commanding Power and Intimidating Aura, Serm Yos Power for increased status and Promotion opportunities,The Rachasri Lion is a King Lion of the HImapant Forest, and has appeared in a multitude of Thai Buddhist and vedic Myths and Legends, including the Ramayana and the Thai Ramakien Epic. His great Metta as well as his Bravery is always revealed in the legends.

The Singha and the Rachasri Himapant Lions are an Animist Deity from Vedic Lore that has been an integral part of Thai Buddhist People's belief since the advent of Buddhism.

The Singha Talisman has been found documented in the ancient 'Dtamra Pichai Songkram, Grimoire of Warcraft, that Thai Warriors wore the talisman as a form of protection, wielding Kong Grapan Chadtri and Klaew Klaad Evasion Magic power, endowed with Maha Amnaj (Commanding Power & Dominion).
Mostly, the amulets were received from Guru Masters within the Ordained Sangha, and Lersi Sorceror Hermits, who were endowed with powerful Jhanic Meditation abilities and Psychic Powers to empower amulets with protective Magic.
The Singha amulet is found in various forms, which can be separated into two main categories;

Those which are made from natural materials which are found to occur in Nature, such as those carved from ivory, bone, Lek Lai, tiger tooth, sacred wood, wild boar tusk, deer antler, bear tooth, amd fossilised stone, jade and other mineral substances.And those which are made from man made substances, such as smelted metals like gold and silver, as well as alchemical magical sacred metals such as Nava Loha (9 Sacred Metals), Sadta Loha (7 Sacred Metals), Bpancha Loha (5 Sacred Metals), Maekasit, Maekapat, Parot and the like.

The Paya Rachasri (also called Rachasri Bpon Hyuea) amulet endows the wearer with Protection and Commanding Power, Social and Professional Status, and Good Chances of Promotion through the Aura of Respectability and Personal Power.

💥 Paya Rachasri - Singha HImapant Lion Amulet : Useful for those in administrative or commanding positions, or those who have to be involved in 'Jeraja' (influential discussions), such as in corporate, military or political strategic environments. Also an apt choice for Gamblers or thise involved with competitive professions, or amateur activities such as sports, for the Rachasri King Lion will endow the wearer not only with fearful imposing presence, but also with the strength to win fights or competitions.

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