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Phra Chai Mongkol (Hunpayon Bhumathawada) powerful god who dominates borders to borders. Having subordinates as servants In ancient times

Phra Chai Mongkol (Hunpayon Bhumathawada) powerful god who dominates borders to borders. Having subordinates as servants In ancient times

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Phra Chai Mongkol (Hunpayon Bhumathawada, the elder one)
(It's big enough that people are considerate. Wherever you go, it's easy to pass by. You'll be victorious. There are bracelets along the way.) Luang Pu Maen, Luang Pho Phith line, Wat Khamang, Luang Pu Khian, Luang Pho Thob.

พระชัยมงคล (หุ่นพยนต์ภูมิเทวดาองค์ผู้ใหญ่) (ใหญ่คับที่ คนเกรงใจ ไปไหนผ่านสะดวก มีชัย มีกำไลตลอดทาง) หลวงปู่แม่น

Phra Chai Mongkol is a powerful and powerful god who dominates borders to borders. Having subordinates as servants In ancient times, a shrine had to be established. Perform a bowing ceremony to invite the Phra Chai Mongkol angel. Help preserve, protect, and take care of us so that ghosts, wandering spirits, black magic, and black magic do nothing to us.

Luang Pu Maen, Khao Chan Monastery, Phetchabun Province. Disciple of Luang Pho Phit, Wat Khamang. Luang Pho Thob, Wat Chon Daen. Luang Pho Khian, Tham Khun Naen Monastery. Decided to build Phra Chai Mongkol portable item Summon the elder angels Important angels are your personal angels by giving you help. Share your part to help us. To promote your morality and goodness It is a form of merit-making. By those who use you Let us make merit and dedicate it to the Lord Buddha that we identify with. The results were perfect, merit raised to the power of 2.

Phra Phum Chai Mongkol according to Buddhist beliefs Legend of Lord Buddha as a Bodhisattva Practice meditation under the banyan tree Bhumibol Adulyadej named King of Pali which is not satisfied with that the Bodhisattva came to practice virtues in his own country, so he was expelled The Bodhisattva then asked for 3 steps of ground. The Bodhisattva displayed his supernatural powers and took 3 steps to the edge of the universe, causing the King of Pali to have no place to live and have to move outside of human territory. So he sent the Buddha to ask for a share of the land from the Bodhisattva. The Bodhisattva gave it to him and taught him to adhere to honesty and not harm others. Protecting humans and animals and if any auspicious actions are performed Must perform a ceremony to worship the auspicious Buddha as the owner of the land. So you will be successful, happy, and prosperous.

Phra Chai Mongkol, the king's royal attire, wears a tall crown. Wearing a robe hanging from a man with a line of dancing, a Sangwan dance. He wore bracelets, a bust and a Phahurat, sitting cross-legged in diamond meditation. His hand holds the sword that conquers all things. He holds the lotus flower that brings prosperity. Governing and taking care of homes, shops, and various buildings

Those who worship Phra Chai Mongkol As your personal angel Always make merit, give alms, increase your merit and dedicate it to that deity. You will help us keep everything safe, remove obstacles, protect us from danger, disease, ghosts, black magic, everything, even bad luck. Phra Chai Mongkol will help support one to escape from all suffering and inspire prosperity, progress, success, fulfillment, good business, every step of the way.

Phra Chai Mongkol (Hunpayon Bhumathawada, the elder one)
🔹Otter-colored material, ancient copper satang hole metal (there is no shortage of money), cast in cement with socket stains, made 399 pieces.

🔹Gold material, Gold bracelet (profitable, more than expected, more than imagined), cast in plaster, made in 399 pieces.

Phra Chai Mongkol Thaiamulet is a powerful tool for create an impenetrable barrier against its powerful ability ,is great for driving away evil influences - to protect yourself from curses, evil, negativity, jinxes, evil spirits or the evil eye. HoonPaYon will encircle you with the breath of the protection , a wall of divine fiery protection to keep you and your loved ones safe

Phra Chai Mongkol re-programmes your luck so that you can weather any turbulence or temporary downturn in luck; always free from obstacles, mishaps, disasters and misfortunes. It helps to clear blocked pathways paving you to a smoother and less aggravating year. Incredibly powerful, it prevents the terrible potential for reversal of financial luck. The amulet ensures you will always maintain a healthy cash flow. Especially favorable to those in business, the amulet promises survival through good and bad times (eg recession), It helps to transform misfortunes to opportunities and auspicious outcomes.

This means all your undertakings, family matters, projects, encounters, social life, financial portfolios can be overturned to an excellent status all year round. Nothing will be restrained and nothing will hold you back from advancing forward. Your resilience to all problematic situations will help you stay on course despite having to change direction.

It will make a fantastic gift for someone special or for a collector of Asian antiques. Keep it with you for Success Power or keep it in your house. Keep it with you for Evil Protection & Luck Builder Power or keep it in your house .This is a fabulous collector's items indeed.

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