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Powerful Magic Pendant Nok Sariga Amulet (Sariga Bon Hyuea) Luck Talisman

Powerful Magic Pendant Nok Sariga Amulet (Sariga Bon Hyuea) Luck Talisman

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Powerful Magic Pendant Nok Sariga Amulet (Sariga Bon Hyuea) Luck Talisman
When wearing this talisman, over a short period of time will make one's aurora and energy more appealing. One will get more noticed and will look more attractive to others.

Sariga Bon Hyuea Nuea Pong Bpathamang Lokee Golden Tongued Magpies 2 Takrut 2 Mai Hyae Yae - Ajarn Phu Ee

Size of Amulet: 4 x 3 Cm (6 x 3.2 Cm with Casing)
Sariga Bon Hyea Celestial Magpie Grabbing its Prey in Nuea Pong Sanaeh Sariga Bpon Huea Fang Mai Hyae Yae Wicha Sriga Lin Tong Lan Chang - Sacred Animist Mercy Charm spell for Enchanting Speech and the Power of Attraction, Love and Mercy Charm, from from Agéd Lay Sorceror, Ajarn Phu Ee.

This particular Necromantic Powders Wicha comes from an ancient Laoatian Sorcery Formula from one of the Ancient Grimoires of Ajarn Phu Ee and his Master Lineage, dating back many centuries. Ajarn Phu Ee made the Muan Sarn Sacred Powders for these amulets by performing the series of Yantra inscriptions ona Sacred Blackboard with Ruesi Chalk, and collecting the residue powders from the repeat inscriptions of hundreds of Yantra spells on the board.

each round of spells were inscribed with Wicha Sariga Lin Tong, Wicha Sariga Bon Hyuea, and the many other Incantations of the Celestial Magpie. he performed the formula for the making of Pong Sariga Bon Hyuea and Pong Sariga Lin Tong Powders, and mixed them together into one Muan Sarn Clay, using Prai Oils and Holy Water, and waxy balms.

The amulet is further empowered and charged with Maha Lap Metta Maha Niyom Maha Sanaeh Maha Pokasap power with the insertion of a Takrut Sariga Bon Hyuea Sai Lang Dark Arts style Takrut, which was empowered using Kama Sutra ritual, by method of the man drawing the Takrut out of the mouth of a woman during sexual intercourse at the moment of orgasm. Ajarn Phu Ee had to wait a long time to get enough Takrut from his devotees through this strict Kama Sutra rule of magical empowerment. The Takrut possesses very powerful Enchantment magic and is naturally imbued with the golden tongued charm of the Sariga Lin Tong.
The Sariga amulet is encased in decorative transparent casing, and has received hand made spell inscriptions from Ajarn Phu Ee on the rear face in white ink, as final empowerment. The Sariga (sometimes also called 'Nok Garawaek') bird is empowered with spells with the Invocations of Maha Sanaeh, for Seductive Charm, Metta Maha Niyom Mercy Charm, and Maha Pokasap for Prosperity.


The nok sariga (or, ‘salika’) is a golden tongued heavenly bird which is attributed with immense metta mahaniyom and maha sanaeh qualities, and is along with the hongsa, one of the best devas to seek assistance in ‘jerajaa’ magic. Jerajaa means ‘discussion’. The golden tongued sariga bird enchants and charms the listeners of he who possesses the wicha, bringing a hypnotic and charming effect, to influence and convince, making people see things your way.

Nok Sariga Ancient Legend states that when the sound of the Sariga Dong bird sounds in the deep forest, all the beasts therein stop what they are doing to listen to the seductive sound of its voice. That is to say, the whole forest becomes enchanted. The Sariga Bird, also known as the Nok Garawaek, possesses the power to seduce and command the hearts of others with Mercy Charm.

Nok Sariga is empowered to Improve the Power of Attraction and Seduction, Improve Professional Success, Increase Wealth and Promotion, Increase the Fortunes and increase sales, and improve professional advancement.

This nok sariga amulet is for people who need to influence others with their speech, or are in the trading and selling professions, such as street merchants, stock trading, and shop owners. Good for busines smeetings and talks, and for socializing and gaining popularity.Your speech will become sweet to the ears of listeners and your words will be believed and paid attention to. Selling will become easier.

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