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Super Powerful Mitmor (Special Mitmor spiritual knife ) Mitmor HoonPaYon TaPaKhao Red Jong Graben Pants Nur Alpaka Por Tan Kloi Anomo

Super Powerful Mitmor (Special Mitmor spiritual knife ) Mitmor HoonPaYon TaPaKhao Red Jong Graben Pants Nur Alpaka Por Tan Kloi Anomo

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Super Powerful Mitmor (Special Mitmor spiritual knife ) Mitmor HoonPaYon TaPaKhao Red Jong Graben Pants Nur Alpaka Por Tan Kloi Anomo - Wat Phu Khao Tong - BE 2556.

This is Powerful of Mitmor HoonPaYon TaPaKhao Red Thread Nur Alpaka, strongly blessed by LP Kloy in years BE2556. This sacred Mitmor HoonPaYon is made from sacred Alpaka materials and featured with sacred image of HoonPaYon with bound Red Thread and with sacred Yants on the Mitmor blade. Additional with Chop Code at the blade.

This batch Mitmor HoonPaYon Nur Alpaka (Height 5.9cm) is made 999pcs only. This batch is consecrated at Grand Ceremony by LP Kloy, LP Uthai, LP Phrom and other Top Monks. Supplied with temple box.

Effect: Help in Business or career, Bodyguard-High Protection from evil - black magic, Protect your Person and Household from Enemies, Robbers and Black Magic, Improve Business and Popularity, High Sales Quota, Evade Danger, reflect Black Magic Attacks, Attract important people of higher power, Bring great auspicious, Look after the house, shop or car .

The Mitmor is a spiritual knife that is infused with the 5 weapons of Lord Indra (Lord of the devas), Phra Taowessuan (king of yakshas), Phra Yom (Lord of death), Alavaka (rakshas) and Phra Narai (Lord Vishnu). Mitmor is a very powerful tool to ward away evil spirits and its widely used in Thailand by masters to conduct exorcism or blessings. Mitmor also bestow the owner with supernatural protective qualities like invulnerability against sharp weapons and ability to avoid dangers, even be invisible from enemies. Mitmor should always be treated with respect as it is believed that there is always a deva (divine being) that resides in the blade to protect and look after its owner. Can even provide spiritual guidance. As for the Hoon Phayong that is attached to this Mitmor, its sole purpose is to serve as a bodyguard for the owner, protecting the owner and even the property. This Mitmor can make holy water to be sprinkled around the house or a person that is being affected by spiritual beings simply by taking clean water and using the Mitmor to stir the water while reciting a Katha. That water can also be consumed by those who are having sickness for fast recovery. Much more can be said.  

Hoon Payon amulets (HoonPaYon Por Tan Kloi Anomo - Wat Phu Khao Tong) belong to the most mysterious and strongest amulets of Thailand. Their production and consecrations are surrounded by many secrets, myths and legends. Due to its highly portable small size, this amulet is also very suitable for Ladies, and people who like to carry smaller amulets. This amazing Hun Payont effigy was made for Samnak Sila Khao Or of the famous Khao Or magical lineage. Khao Or is the Major Lineage of powerful Magic of Thailand and is famous all around the world for its most powerful Wicha and serious practitioners of Magic. Released in 2556 BE in the 'Sang Hor Chan' Edition, which funded the building of the Hor Chan Refectory for the Monks to Eat their Alms in. Hun Payont Ghost Soldier by World Famous and Internationally acclaimed master of the Wicha Hun Payont; Por Tan Kloi. The Hun Payont was blessed in the 'Tham Khao Or' (sacred cave used by the Masters of Wat Khao Or), with Por Tan Kloi, and, Luang Por Iad of Wat Koke Yaem, Por Tan Hwian of Wat Pikul Tong, Por Tan Prohm of Wat Ban Suan, Por Tan Utay of Wat Don Sala, Por Tant Ron of Wat HUa Hmorn, Ajarn Seed of Wat Pah Moke, Ajarn Prasut of Wat Nai Tao, and Por Tan Hong, Abbot of Wat Khao Or temple. The Hun Payont effigy protects the wearer from all dangers. In the Puttapisek Ceremony, they made some Hniwa Pon and Hniaw Dam to eat sesame oil, which was performed by Brahman Master of Ceremonies Ajarn Plien, great Brahman magic maker of Khao Or. The Monks of Khao Or temple then chanted and empowered the Tagrud amulets which were to be used for the arms and legs of the Hun Payont effigies. In ancient times, the Hun Payont was used as an extra soldier to help fight battles with, and is a ghostly accomplice to stand by your side and help you win all of your struggles and challenges.

The Hun Payont effigies are for protection - por Tan Klai empowered the red Hun Payont with mind waves to hypnotize the enemy into seeing you in an illusory manner, for exmaple, seeing you coming with many companions instead of alone, or seeing you looking larger or fiercer. Empowered with mind waves to increse your sales power and business success. Easy attraction of customers, and will generate friendliness towards the wearer.

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