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Takrut Hua Jai Ruesi Kobutra - Metal scroll is inscribed with sacred yantras and Ud Pong Sanaeh Sacred Powder

Takrut Hua Jai Ruesi Kobutra - Metal scroll is inscribed with sacred yantras and Ud Pong Sanaeh Sacred Powder

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Takrut Hua Jai Ruesi Kobutra - Metal scroll is inscribed with sacred yantras and Ud Pong Sanaeh Sacred Powder
This Magic Thai Amulet (Takrut Hua Jai Ruesi Kobutra) Magical Powerful Talisman has been created to easily attract fortune and wealth from all points of the compass. It has been especially empowered to influence and attraction love attracting wealth, money, windfall profits, and business success. Attract customers in your place of business, be it a shop, business office, warehouse or home business.

This Takrut Consecrated by the Buddhist Monk Luang Phu Naen Dam & Phra Ajarn Waet Surin. In Casing empowered with a powerful Khmer formulae using not Thai Buddhist but Khmer sorcery.

The Wicha used in the consecration of the Takrut of the Heart of the Rusei Kohbutra is an immensely powerful Wicha of Luang Phu Kru Tao Dtem installed into the perception during the Wai Kru events of 2550, 2553 and 2554 until the passing of Luang Phu in 2554, and the subsequent undertaking of the ceremony by Luang Phu Naen Dam.

The initial consecration of this Takrut was in collaboration with Phra Ajarn Waet Surin to invite the mind of the Rusesi Kohbutra to dwell within, and aid in Maha Sanaeh ‘Charm’ and Chok Lap ‘Luck’.

The Heart Yant of Ruesi Kohbutra is intricately inscribed into the leaden takrut metal along with Yant ‘Na Ngern’ call for riches, ‘Na Setthi’ millionaire yant and Khom Angkara spell of Maha Pokasap. The Takrut is then generously stuffed with Nuea Pong sacred enchanted powders aiding in empowering the yant. It is then rolled tightly concealing the sacred Takrut spells.

The Takrut Hua Jao Ruesi Khobutra is filled with with sacred Neua Pong mixed powders that fill the length of the takrut, plugging both ends.

The powders gathered and enchanted consist of the ultra rare ‘Wan Dork Tong’ Golden Flower of Fascination, 7 termite mounds, 7 river mouths and 7 fields. The ‘Pong Wan’ powders of ‘Sanaeh Jan Daeng’ King of Hearts, ‘Dork Tong’ golden flower of fascination, ‘Tao Wan Long’ vine of infatuation, ‘Gaa Fak Rak’, ‘Kaa Fak Yom’, Hing Hai Pii, along with Kalong and Dahlia flower.These were mixed with Nam Man Maha Din Dam, Nam Man Prai with one eyed auspicious coconut milk, to complete the great ‘Sanaeh’ charm of this Takrut Ruesi Kobutra.

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