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Takrut Koo Rak Duang Sompongs Magic Talisman Powerful for Love relationship Luck and sex

Takrut Koo Rak Duang Sompongs Magic Talisman Powerful for Love relationship Luck and sex

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Takrut Koo Rak Duang Sompongs Magic Talisman Powerful for Love relationship Luck and sex
This #Takrut #MagicTalisman has been empowered with a special compassion attraction power Enhance your current relationship for those who always had ISSUES with their lovers or problematic #relationships (To make your partner love you again*** - Experiences feelings of hopelessness regarding the survival of marriage)

Takrut Koo Rak Duang Sompongs Perfect Life Partners Love Spell 4-Way Straight or Gay - Kroo Ba Dech Gittiyano

The Takrut Duang Koo Sompongs is an Auspicious Karmic Web-weaver for Romantic Seduction and Enchantment, to win the heart of the Partner of Your Dreams, from Kroo Ba Dech Gidtiyano, of the Samnak Songk Pha Cha Ban Ratanakosin.

This Takrut was made around 2553 BE, as Kroo Ba Dech had found the right auspicious moment for solitary empowerment in the dark of night, and laid out the 'Khant Kroo' offerings and Ceremonial Objects, for Bucha Kroo (Guru Poojah). He then performed Bucha Kroo and the Ritual for Inscribing the Sacred Yantra Spells on the metal foils.

As he performed the Incantations, a strong wind began to blow The whole cemetery and surrounding forest resounded with the sound of the Creatures of the Forest, small and large. They howled and cried out loudly all in unison, and then suddenly, all stopped in the same moment.

Kroo Ba performed Inscription of two sided Spell Takrut with one side bearing the 'Hua Jai Chay' (heart of a Man) spell, and the other side bearing the 'Hua Jai Hying' (heart of the woman) spell, to entwine and bind the two hearts together. The persons involved do not need to be a woman for the heart of the woman spell to work.

For example with a gay queen, this would be the half of the spell which worked, and the Gay Male would be under the heart of the Man spell. Inversely so, the heart of the man spell would imbue itself over the active partner of two gay females, and the heart of the woman spell would perform its magic on the passive partner.

The Takrut is hence four way usable, for both heterosexuals, gays, and bisexuals. Kroo Ba performed this long winded and difficult to complete Ceremony and Inscription of Takrut Spells, only to make a few each time he found such an occasion and Circumstances for empowerment at the hjighest level, resulting in him only making ten or twenty Takrut per session.

It thus took him many months of continuously seeking the forest cemetery to perform the making of and empowerment of these Takrut. The Takrut is a Wicha using tow separate Yantra Spells which are bound together, to seal and deliver the perfect everlasting Love Affair and Relationship possible.

Kata Bucha Takrut Koo Rak Duang Sompongs

Om Jidt-Dti Jidt-Dtang Jidt Manussaanang Bpurisaa Idthiiyang Om Prohmma Jidt-Dtang Bpiyang Ma Ma Maa Maa

Woman or Man seeking another Man should use;

Om Jidt-Dtang Bpiyang Ma Ma - (then say the Name and Surname of the Man) - Bpuriso Jidt-Dtang Bpiyang Ma Ma

Man seeking a Woman should use;

Om Jidt-Dtang Idthiiyo - (then say the Name and Surname of the Woman) - Pakinimae Jidt-Dtang Bpiyang Ma Ma

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