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Takrut Mahalap Jant Chai

Takrut Mahalap Jant Chai

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Takrut Mahalap Jant Chai
This takrut is blessed by Phra Ajarn PreeCha to boost money flow non-stop like Wealthy Pool which alway have a lot of money and treasure. 💰

This Takrut is blessed by master to make your asset increase continuously like as the water seep out from the sand pool. Owner will be more comfortable and get better in financial status.

According to the legend, the magic subject named "Wealthy pool" is one of ancient magic spell from 128 spells of Mae Punturat. She used this wealthy pool spell to control the silver pool and gold pool in her palace. It is amazing that those pool always have silver and gold seep out all the time and never be dry. Sangthong covered his body with gold in this gold pool also.

The people in the former times have intellect to find out the water resource to use in diary life. They will dig the sand pool to be shallow and the water will seep out endlessly. Therefore, the meaning of proverb "Water wells in the sand" mean unlimited resource or valuable thing which can be grabbed endlessly no matter how long or how much.

Phra Arjarn Preecha made this Takrud wealthy pool once again because the previous version was guaranteed by many disciples which have more money and better financial status. Phra Arjarn Preecha also wrote the Yant wealthy pool on the plate to use as the holy material for every version of Mae Punturat amulets. Phra Arjarn Preecha used the remaining material that left from making previous version to mix with silver and made into plate form before writing Yant wealthy pool on the plate one by one. Specially, this Takrud has some unique tactics to make because the plate must be folded before roll up to be Takrud. If the plate does not be folded before roll up to be Takrut, this Takrut will attract money and wealth to the owner but, not keep in the long run. In the other hand, if the plate was folded before roll up to be Takrut, this Takrut will attract money and wealth and keep it in the long run like as all assets were folded and collected in the safe place so, the owner of this Takrud will get money and wealth endlessly without any loss same as the sand pool which never be full no matter how much water it take.

Furthermore, Phra Arjarn Preecha wrote special wealthy Yant on Takrut every piece and then brought the legendary man of wealth amulet coin of LP.Boon Wat Klangbangkeaw to relay the wealthy and lucky power to Takrut wealthy pool to help the owner of this Takrut.

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