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Takrut Sariga Koo Nok Iang (golden tongued love bird Takrut) Good for busines smeetings and talks

Takrut Sariga Koo Nok Iang (golden tongued love bird Takrut) Good for busines smeetings and talks

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Takrut Sariga Koo Nok Iang (golden tongued love bird Takrut)

ตะกรุดสาริกาลิ้นทอง หลวงปู่ทองวัน วัดโพธิ์คำ

The Wicha of empowering the Sariga Nok Iang is the Master Wicha of the Lineage of the great Master Somdej Lun. Luang Phu Ta has not only learned and mastered it, but is an Adept of this Wicha and is very fluent in performing this empowerment, resulting in a very effective spell due to the ease with which Luang Por performs the magical empowerment, because of his intense practice. Can be encased in waterproof casing and worn as a pendant, kept in purse, pocket or handbag.

This Takrut is for people who need to influence others with their speech, or are in the trading and selling professions, such as street merchants, stock trading, and shop owners. Good for busines smeetings and talks, and for socializing and gaining popularity.Your speech will become sweet to the ears of listeners and your words will be believed and paid attention to. Selling will become easier. Luang por made the Sariga double Takrut using old gold takrut foils from the ariataat takruts he had made in a previous edition, and added silver foil takrut as a paired amulet.He then made inscriptions of Khmer Spells with his own hand, making the silver Takrut to be the Nok Iang Dtua Poo (male bird) nd the gold takrut to be the Nok Iang Dtua Mia (female bird). He then made some magical ribbon and empowered them with wicha fopr Siri Mongkol (auspicious blessings).

He spent 3 months of rainy season empowering them each night in his Kuti hut, until, at the end of the empowerments, a flock of Nik Iang Sariga birds flew down and gathered in the temple, flying and swooping over the Kuti roofs. He then released the Takruts to the Looksit and the comittee to distribute to the congregation. 769 Takruts made in this small edition.

How to make Bucha;

When you are going to go for talks, interviews, socializing or selling/business, chant Namo tassa 3 times, and then chant the following Kata;

Wanna Wannaa Sarigaayo Puttang Siro Waaha Ma Ma

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