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Takrut Sariga Plaeng Roop (3 Sariga takrut) Powerful Amulet for your spells of attraction, Wealth fetching ,luck, and money-drawing.

Takrut Sariga Plaeng Roop (3 Sariga takrut) Powerful Amulet for your spells of attraction, Wealth fetching ,luck, and money-drawing.

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Takrut Sariga Plaeng Roop (triple Sariga takrut)
Powerful Amulet A specially formulated talisman for your spells of attraction, Wealth fetching ,luck, and money-drawing.

🎯Bring good fortune especially in trade business
🎯Improve luck and fortune to the worshippers
🎯protection and grant your wishes fast
Great for convincing customers ,clients to take your offers, successfully seal important deals, attract unexpected Bonuses, promotions.

Takrut Sariga Plaeng Roop Sam Dork (Golden Tongued Heavenly Sariga Bird Takrut)- Luang Phu Sangiam Asiyano - Wat Tung Bang Ing Wiharn (Sri Saket)

The three Sariga Takruts have three different spells in them; Sariga Lin Tong-Sariga Bpon Hyuea-Sariga Jub Bpaag Long.They were then individually rolled whislt recieving the proper Incantations, and bound into one amulet and then empowered again using the Incantational Spell for Sariga Maha Samrej.Then the finished Takrut Spell recieved masses of different empowerments and incantations pf the 'Montra Maha Sanaeh' variety to increase attraction, charm and selling power.

The Takrut is intended to make your sales pitch and social talk sound sweet and interesting, pleasing to hear. To induce friendliness and interest in the hearts of those who approach, and to make your words full of effect on your listeners. You must be a bit careful with this Takrut and take responsibility for the people you charm, and not use it to abuse or harm others with, which would be against the Buddhist precepts, and against the rules for this amulet.

Kata Sariga Plaeng Roop
Om Sarigaa Om Sanaeh Jerd Sanaeh Dtaeraa Om Sahome Dtid (Chant 12 Times)

Luang Por Sangiam Asiyano of Wat Tung Bang Ing Wiharn (Sri saket)

is a Master Adept of Wicha Maha Sanaeh of the Southern Isan Magical Tradition.
He is the Looksit of Luang Por Gerd (wat Tung Bang Ing Wiharn) and was in fact the Master who performed the empowerment ceremonies of his Master LP Gerd's amulets in the previous Era, so powerful was his ability even back then as an apprentice. He has now made the first ever edition of Sariga Plaeng Roop triple Takruts ever made in any South Isan Khmer Tradition, making this amulet 'Berk Dtamnan' (the beginning of a new legendery line of amulets). LP sangiam is famed in the Southern Isan region as being the Master of Khun Phaen and Maha sanaeh amulets in his Region Good for salespersons, presenters, actors, musicians, performing artists, and of course those who seek an active love life. Luang Por Sangiam performed incantations over each Takrut untile he could hear them vibrate with the sound of the sariga and hear them singing.

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