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Thai amulet Takrut Mae Yua Mueang Kama Sutra Khmer Necromantic Powerful Takrut for increasing the passion Increases the powers of attraction

Thai amulet Takrut Mae Yua Mueang Kama Sutra Khmer Necromantic Powerful Takrut for increasing the passion Increases the powers of attraction

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Thai amulet Takrut Mae Yua Mueang Kama Sutra
Takrut Saw Roy Phua (with 100 Husbands) Khmer Necromantic Powerful Takrut for Love and Lust By Ajarn Lersi Masia

This Takrut is another rare release from Lersi Masia, is perfect for increasing the passion Increases the powers of attraction and makes your appearance much more desirable it is suitable for people who seek an extreme or more than usual amount of sexual; activity and need a lot of fulfillment in this area of life. The Takrut is composed ofr the ancient Yant Mae Yua Mueang

The Takrut bears one of the most ancient Yantra spells, which has been used by ancient folk in Thailand and South East Asia for Centuries. The spell has Maha Sanaeh attraction power imbued that is specifically targeted at the female gender, to call them and seduce them, with the power of attraction, that is legendary with the Wicha Riak Nang Saw Roy Phua

Lersi Masia has filled the hand inscribed Takrut scroll spell with Prai Maha Sanaeh Powders, containing Hoeng Prai and other Powdered Admixtures of a Magickal Nature, to empower the spell with additional power of attraction and seductive influence. The enchantment is intended to make your chosen person feel attracted to you, and either approach you, or to be open to your approaches.


Indeed, the Takrut Mae Yue Mueang Kamasutra is a powerful attraction charm with highly effective love spells. For this reason, then, one can use the Takrut to increase one's chances of finding a partner or simply to enjoy the sensual pleasures of (an) exciting love affair(s). It is, however, also possible to use the Takrut to improve an existing relationship or marriage. Alternatively one may also choose to use the magical powers of attraction to induce blessings of good luck and fortune. Furthermore, if one likes gambling or playing the lottery, then the rawhide Takrut can even be used to generate more wealth and riches.

Kata-Mantra for Takrut Mae Yua Mueang ; Lung Ka Lung Yo Nee Sa Wa Lung It Ti Lung Yo Nee Sa Wa Ha

Carry the Takrut with you wherever you travel to smooth your way, and for job seeking and employment interviews. Pray to it silently before approaching those who you wish to seduce, or before making a sales speech.

This takrut can be used by all sexual persuasions whether heterosexual, homosexual, transsexual etc.

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