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Thai Amulet Takrut Solos Maha Mongkol Maha Baramee

Thai Amulet Takrut Solos Maha Mongkol Maha Baramee

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Thai Amulet Takrut Solos Maha Mongkol Maha Baramee
ตะกรุดมหาโสฬส ฝังจีวร เกศา ลป.คีย์ วัดศรีลำยอง

The Takrut are so incredibly well made and attractively finished as is fitting for a Takrut with the name 'Solos Maha Mongkol Maha Baramee. It fulfills every expectation of the Devotee both in terms of Sacred Empowerment and Authenticity of its Magical preparation method, as well as in the visual aspect of the aesthetic beauty of the Takrut, with its cord binding, and gold leaf coating with elegant Khom Agkhgara inscriptions.

This takrut has power inside that will help the owner in case of protection from bad magic or bad spirit, eliminate the mysterious things and good for business also. The takrut is very rare and difficult to find and make the specific ceremony to change the rope to be the powerful amulet. This Mystic Takrut Solos Maha Mongkol Maha Baramee belief have very strong holy power, it can protect from bad magic, bad spirit and can clearing bad luck from owner and excellent in wealth, luck and business.

If you put at home or any building, belief it will help to clearing bad power and bad luck from that place and also help to protect from bad spirit, it can’t go inside your home.

For increase Business Sales, use the Takrut for the Immersion Method to make Holy water, and spray the water on the wares you wish to sell.

For increased 'Dtaba Decha' (Recieve Honors, Glory, Respect and Promotion, and more dominion and influence), the Takrut can be worn on a waist cord as a 'Takrut Ruud' (waist slider). Wear it on the front to increase the power to Impress others with your Glory - those you approach wil be intimidated and scared to offend, and want to please you.

If you wearing, belief it will help to protect you from bad thing, bad spirit and bad magic. It is very good in money, business, negotiation. Worship and enhance Good fortune is already added even more. Open the way for success in your career solves poverty, Open your luck. Open the way of success as intended

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