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The ghost whispered. nang prai grasip, Best for you want to control some one or make crazy in your love.

The ghost whispered. nang prai grasip, Best for you want to control some one or make crazy in your love.

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The ghost whispered. nang prai grasip, Ajahn Bang, the Master of thailand

นางพรายกระซิบ เรียกผัวเรียกเมีย อาจารย์แบง
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The ghost whispered Master Bang, the sorcerer of the south. This ghost uses a way to influence the mind of her lover. It's a ghost whisper, used to call love to lovers who have separated from each other. Let's come back to the way it was before. Or people who lack love, lack a partner, or have no girlfriend, you can worship them. They are charming, kind, popular, and make people in love and lost. Obsessed with infatuation Calling luck, calling fortune Fetch money and things, good business, a way to gamble, gamble on luck, predict numbers, gamble. Worship it at home, office, or farm. It will help you take good care of it. Or carry it with you to protect yourself from danger. Stay safe Can be worshipped by both men and women. You can be confident that it won't get into the user's shoes. Or tell him if you have any problems or concerns, ask him for help. Pray for 108 blessings, if they are not beyond the power of karma. His master consecrated it until he had visions, names, images, four elements, five aggregates, thirty-two symptoms, substances, the soil of the seven cemeteries, whispering spirit powder, golden flower powder, kuman powder, gambler powder, Nang Kwak powder, 7 casinos 7 poses clay powder, golden stalk millionaire herbs and many other charming herbs

No need to make offerings, focus on making merit and giving alms to monks. release birds, release fish

Size 4.2*2.8 cm

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